#ThrowbackThursday: Come to Papa 2006 and Come to Jed 2009

I haven’t blogged a handful lot about our family for some time now, for a good reason. Aside from IG giving me my social media update fix at my convenience, we have been unbelievably busy this past year.  I just realized, I have not exactly published a single Throwback Thursday post ever. This will be my first. 🙂

This first video was recorded in January 5, 2006, our little guy was barely a year old! Pardon the poor quality. I was using my Sony Ericsson s700 back then. Yep, the one with the swivel-opening design, that might as well pass for a smart ice shaver.

The boys just got to do what they got to do – reanacted the scene with interchanged roles! Jed was three years old here, taken in 2009. We look back at all the videos I took when Jed was growing up and we have a blast every time.

Happy Throwback Thursday, dear readers!

#ThrowbackThursday: Come to Papa 2006 and Come to Jed 2009

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