Christian Bloggers Meetup and the Return of @OMFLit’s Incredi-Bulk Sale

The hubby and I had the privilege of fellowshipping last Saturday with fellow Christian Bloggers at OMF Literature in Mandaluyong. Thank you Mighty of and Kuya Sonnie of for inviting us. It was such fruitful time of edifying and encouraging each other to keep on track and not lose our purpose why we want to get our voice heard via our respective blogs, to start with, as Kuya Sonnie talked on pressing on towards having A Purpose Driven Blog.

Christian Bloggers Meetup OMF

We were also pleasantly surprised that it was also the same day that “Turned Off by Church,” Pastor Rod Santos’s book is being launched. Talk about timing! We also got to meet one of our son’s favorite authors, Grace Chiong of Super Devos. I remember blogging about it in 2011 and gushing over the comment she left on our homeschooling blog! Our son totally loves her Oh Mateo! series! Our son practically grew up with it. It is just cool to find book authors blogging. It makes them easier to reach unlike some eras ago. The wonders of social media, indeed!

OMF Incredibulk Sale

OMF Lit’s Incredi-Bulk Sale!

5 books for 500 OMF

Going Up by Yay Olmedo (SRP: P225)
Your First Job by Nelson Dy (SRP: P225)
Your Competitive Edge by Jeffrey Brown (SRP: P195)
5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman (SRP: P275)
This Is My Story by various contributors (SRP: P175)


Sample 10 books for 800

One Year Mini Daily Inspiration (SRP: P250)
God’s Message For Each Day by Eugene Petersen (SRP: P195)
Grace for the Moment Volume I by Max Lucado (SRP: P195)
Life Promises for Eternity by Randy Alcorn (SRP: P195)
Finding Refuge and Strength by Harold Sala (SRP: P250)
Grace Found Me by Grace Chong (SRP: P225)
Just For Today by (SRP: P195)
Knowing the Heart of God by John Eldredge (SRP: P295)
Today Counts by Harold Sala (SRP: P225)

OMF Lit’s Incredi-Bulk Sale is happening from June 1-15! Troop to your favorite OMF Lit and Passages Bookshop and avail of this awesome deal. 🙂

Christian Bloggers Meetup and the Return of @OMFLit’s Incredi-Bulk Sale

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