How @Encycligent’s #DMIT Help Improve Family Relationships

A few weeks ago my family and I got introduced to the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) offered in the Philippines by Encycligent. Through fingerprint scanning, me, my wife and our son were able to find out a lot about our inborn gifts out of the 16 multiple intelligences, strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc. It took only a few days before we got the DMIT results and we were more than thrilled to know more about ourselves, and the recommendations that came with it.


There were three recommendations that were given in the DMIT results that I want to highlight:

1. To employ our son’s kinesthetic function in his education since it is one of his major talents aside from the mental and visual functions. Knowing this helped me and my wife put more weight in enrolling our son in a regular sport activity that he enjoys rather than getting him into activities during summers only. The knowledge that we gained from the results also helped us understand why our son is the way he is – always wanting to move, the energetic boy that he is. Understanding this helped us deal with him in a more patient manner.

As we read more on this, here are some of that we have learned. These are some of the Characteristics of Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligent People (Multiple Intelligence):

  • Good at dancing and sports
  • Enjoy creating things with their hands
  • Excellent physical coordination
  • Remember by doing, rather than merely hearing or seeing.

2. The dermatogyphics recommendation given to me. According to the report, step-by-step learning, coupled with consistency and practice helps me move towards mastery. But I need the appropriate level of stress to challenge me to be consistent in my learning. I am just amazed at how God brought me my lovely wife because I can’t think of any other person who provides me the push and the challenge in my life than her. If it weren’t for her, I would not become a better person. I thank God for you, Jennie!

This understanding has also helped my wife become more patient with me. Now, she is more able to understand the important role she plays in sharpening me – as said in Proverbs 17:17, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

3. Another predominant take away that totally made sense was on how to influence my wife to do something. Because Jennie is a very decisive person, she is purposeful with everything that she does. She is not easily wavered. Turns out, this fact is indeed in the very fiber of her being, as per her DMIT result. So if there’s is something I want her to be in my side with, I will have to present a very good reason for her to put her heart on it. Then if she has accepted my reason to make sense then I am assured of that she has my back.

Talk about getting into the very soul of my better half and being given the formula that can easily translate to having one mind! We look through our results and we still get amazed by it.  Reinforces how God has intricately took time to weave these characteristics in our being. What amazing innovation of DMIT that enables one to look through our innate abilities and characteristics and how they manifest even through adulthood.

The benefits of the DMIT results and knowing what were dominant in each of us among the 16 multiple intelligences in the context of family are far reaching, especially in helping us relate better with each other. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence testing by Encycilgent not only helps in education, business but in relationships as well.

How @Encycligent’s #DMIT Help Improve Family Relationships

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