Our Family’s #DMIT Results from @Encycligent are In!

We did not really know what to expect of our Encycligent’s Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) that we underwent some couple of weeks back. Yes, we pretty much know what each of us are good at. But we are not sure if we nurtured our “innate” talents that we were born with or the things that we were presented with as we were growing up. Other factors also have a hand on what we turn out to be good at, to state the obvious.


We got the reading of our DMIT result this week. Aside from countless oohhs and aahhs throughout the explanation of our results, our eyes were also opened to a handful of “that figures.” What I am thrilled, for the most part, is learning about the overall makeup of our son’s innate intelligences.

Ms. Rosana Sy of Encycligent explained to us that our son scored in this particular order:

1. Mental Function
2. Visual Function
3. Kinesthetic Function
4. Auditory Function
5. Thought Function

The reading of the result was comprehensive and my husband and I were told that our son learns best through visual function. He particularly learns best through reading, even without a lot of images. I pretty much let out a sigh of utter gratefulness that even without knowing what our son’s innate talents are, we were able to nurture in him a love for reading. He started reading at 4 years ol d and has since shifted from his Science Library encyclopedia to reading novels soon after. He has finished the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Star Wars series when he was 7 years old. He loves reading a lot that the first thing he wants to hang in the mall is the bookstore. This, in spite of the fact that we have our own library at home.


Our then 3 year old son, reading through one of his Science books.

I really consider it a huge blessing that I was led to nurture the love for reading in our son. This pretty much explains why he excels in a lot of his interests like Literature, Science, Word Building and et. al. It’s in his genes, the very make up of what he is. For me, this further affirms the value of knowing what a child’s innate talents are and DMIT which Encyligent, the sole provider in the Philippines being 95% accurate may prove to be invaluable to parents in how they will well maximize their children’s learning potential right from childhood. As we better understand our child’s learning pattern, we are led to better nurture their strengths.

16 Multiple Intelligences

Aside from this, our son also scored very high at 90% on both Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences; Linguistic and Naturalist intelligences both at 70%. Now, that’s something he for sure did not took after the hubby and me. Possibly, from my maternal grandfather, who is highly personable. And as I earlier mentioned, this is one of the many “that figures” moments. 🙂 Our son is such a sociable person that he easily make friends regardless of the age of the person he is with. Learning recommendation for our son is highly appreciated too.

Some of the Multiple Intelligence learning recommendations for our son:

Language Intelligence: Eloquence class, story-telling competition, foreign language study, debate squad, learn how to be a host

Interpersonal Intelligence: writing class, reading famous people’s autobiographies, group activities

Intrapersonal Intelligence: learn what introspection is, religious activities, psychology seminars, meditation

Characteristics of daily life: Self-conscious

1. Knows what he wants, will strive for his goals.
2. Prefers to plan and arrange games or time to do homework on his own.
3. Although not verbalized, dislikes being controlled.
4. More self-motivated. Has more drive when faced with obstacles/difficulties.
5. Tends to reason when learning or interacting with people.
6. Likes to lead others when interacting or playing with peers. Hopes that others will follow and play by the rules.

Interestingly,  my son took after me a handful lot from our test results. One of which is our need to have a strong reason to motivate us to work towards a goal. Personally, this was an eye-opener as I always, always find it hard to not fuss over things that do not make sense. I will stop at practically nothing to satisfy questions that needed answer or why something needs to be done as opposed to just doing something “just because.”  I need to find a strong reason to work towards a goal, otherwise I will be ill-motivated and likely to not move forward. Wow! I cannot help but be in awe and be comforted at the same time. Awe in the realization that these things are written in my very make-up and comforted, because there were many instances that I got so frustrated with myself sometimes for fussing over seemingly trivial things and not being motivated enough. This was it!

Because this was something so innate in me, the hubby was recommended to give me a strong reason, if he wants us to be “one” towards a goal. Because doing “just because” just won’t cut it for me. Just like we also need to give our son reasons to back up why he needs to do the things we tell him to.


As our innate talents and love languages were laid out with our DMIT results, we were given one common ground where we will equally feel loved (love language) — Quality Time! I love that this test by Encycligent even gave us some form of a benchmark on how to make sure we maximize our family bonding time. 🙂

The overall recommendations given by the results of Encycligent’s DMIT 16 Multiple Intelligences are very helpful, aside from the discovery of each of our inborn gifts, strengths and traits. Hopefully, with this knowledge we will be able to maximize our efforts by focusing on our son’s strengths, and help me and my husband communicate better by using the recommendations given. As if  I haven’t said it enough in this post, our family totally vouch for Encycligent.  🙂

Our Family’s #DMIT Results from @Encycligent are In!
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