On Nutrition, Better Snacking and Power Pops

Nutrition, books, tv shows or anything that pertains to parenting and what we allow our child to acquire a taste of, prefer and get used to, these, I have always been passionate about. While I consider myself a far cry from those who are strictly following the books, I find myself leaning towards the healthier choice for my son. It must have something to do with the nurturing instinct of mothers. Because I find this innate too to fellow mommies I know.

My son has been eating brown rice since he was five months old. He is now turning nine on Mother’s Day. He favors veggies over meat. But like any regular kid, he also loves chips and some junk food. We really can’t blame him for, since he is surrounded with junk-eating creatures. We confess. Haha!


I honestly believe that it is never the child’s fault if he favors certain foods. We parents have the responsibility to train our children’s taste buds. We can’t go labeling them “choosy,” when we had them get used to what their taste buds had acquired a liking for. But that’s basically it, we actually can acquire taste and that should be good news. It will just be more of a challenge to adjust a child’s taste buds to the “healthier” alternative since battle of the wills will manifest one way or another, than to have a child prefer the better choice right from the beginning. But it is doable.

Now back to our current son’s nutrition dilemma. Because life can get busy, I kind of had my son get used to junk food and chips from time to time. This might just be one of the few downsides to being a multi-tasking mama.


My son is a growing young lad who has a big appetite. He loves snacking. But the good thing about this is because he has basically grown up with the healthier stuff, it is easy to get him to switch right back. Although we have not altogether eradicated chips, we have introduced a better alternative with the likes of Lemon Square’s Power Pops.


Power Pops are crispy and chewy cereal snacks that come in 3 variants: Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits, Champorado and Peanut Caramel with bottom chocolate coating. My son loves the Milky Caramel variant the best. I snack with him too and I love Champorado best.

I love that it was easy to transition him from his former chips preference to Power Pops, basically because it really is tasty. But the best part of all this for me is the nutritional benefits that my son gains from snacking on this instead of chips. Power Pops contains Vitamins A, C, B2 & B9.

Vitamin A – Good for eyesight

Vitamin C – Boosts immune system

B2 – Helps in energy production

B9 – Important for metabolic process

Power Pops has become our go to merienda these days. It is so convenient to bring anywhere and has stopped being just our kid’s snack. The rest of the family love it as well. I love that our family can get hold of a nutritious snack at only P6 a pop! (pun intended).

 power pops mother's day promo

Incidentally, Lemon Square Power Pops has a current Mother’s Day promo that you can look into and join. Get a chance to win as much as P10,000 worth of shopping spree this coming Mother’s Day. Upload your best photo with your mom on your timeline and caption it with reasons why you love her. Check out Power Pops on Facebook for more details.

On Nutrition, Better Snacking and Power Pops

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