Our Family’s No-Fuss Picnic Basics

Oh the fun of spending outdoors with family! We just got back from a quick out-of-town weekend getaway in Nueva Ecija. While I try to move my gaze away from the piled up laundry, there is no denying that there is something about enjoying the outdoors, breathing in fresh air, with loved ones. The laundry can sure wait. I have a team with two muscled-boys to help me with that. Never mind if the little one’s look more of baby fat. He looks stocky enough to pass for a boy bouncer anyway. 🙂


Outdoors, fresh air, food. They just about spell out picnic for us right there. Picnics do not really require a whole lot of fuss.  In fact, I only have but three things we make sure our family has before we pronounce ourselves picnic-ready:

1. Picnic Gears – this includes the proverbial basket that should hold the food and the blanket that is hopefully with a waterproof backing in case it rains.

2. Picnic Food – what’s a picnic without good food, right? Ideally, these will be food that will not require a handful lot utensils to devour on. Haha! These should include the family favorite – an imperative. 🙂

3. Games! – I’m sure glad I invested a few on-the-go travel game stuff that could just about be the highlight of our picnic time.

Jollibee Grand Picnic Day

Incidentally, Jollibee is having the grandest picnic ever this coming May 10, 2014. Happening in the following venues:

1. Metro Manila – Quirino Grandstand

2. Laguna – Nuvali Football grounds

3. Pampanga – Bayanihan Park

4. Cebu- Plaza Independencia

5. Davao – Crocodile Park 

Jollibee’s Grand Picnic Day cannot be more timely as it is set on Mother’s Day weekend, May 10, 2014,  to encourage families to bond and enjoy  this special day with each other. Tickets are available in any participating Jollibee stores. For more details visit www.jollibee.com.ph.

Our Family’s No-Fuss Picnic Basics

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