Family Movie Date: Heaven is For Real

My family cannot be more thrilled when we received an invite from PLDT Home DSL to a family movie treat at the Resorts World last week. We all read Todd Burpo’s Heaven is for Real book in 2012 and were curious how they will be able to translate that to its movie version. Our son was 7 years old when he read the kids edition which I blogged about some 2 years back.

Newport Cinema Heaven is for Real (2)

We arrived rather early at the Resorts World to catch the traffic-coding window. Talk about some extended family date. We hang out in a cafe, window shopped and had dinner before the movie. My swimmer boy  has grown plenty shade darker, I just realized as I looked through our photos. 🙂

Newport Cinema Heaven is for Real (1)

 Movie time! 🙂

Below is an excerpt of my book review of Heaven is for Real (for Kids).

What really tugged my heart and got me to uncontrollable tears, as I read through the book, was when Colton met his older sister in heaven. The sister he never knew he had. Apparently, his parents lost her to a miscarriage when her mother was still pregnant with her.  Imagine the surprise in Colton’s parents when he relayed this to his folks. The tears just welled up my eyes as the pain of the miscarriages we personally experienced six years ago came back. The hope of seeing our children (yes, we miscarried twice) in heaven gave my heart as the revelation came upon me that it needs to heal some more. I never thought that it would still be as painful now that I remember. But the tears of remembering them came with hope this time. It was not only my son who benefited from the book. It touched the very core of my heart too, an emotion I never thought that’s still there.
Now, I’m not saying I’m totally believing Colton’s experience being true. But given that each illustrated page from the came with a verse supporting Colton’s account and remembrance of what heaven was like, I’m good with that. The kid’s claims seem to support what the Bible says. In the event that their claims turn out to be false, then they’d be accountable to God for that. 

Heaven is for Real may have gone controversial in the christian circle. But I’m not going to dwell on that. One thing for sure is that I loved it enough that the reality of heaven being real is now embraced by the secular world, which ultimately points out to Jesus being real.

Thank you, PLDT Home DSL for this movie treat my boys and I thoroughly enjoyed! The movie was family-oriented as can be, just like their Ask Diego TVC that features the Ledesma family. The 7 year old  Diego is responsible for the Ask Diego Facebook page that have earned quite a bit of followers in such short a time.


The Ledesma Family

While some may have initially raised their concerns about a child giving advice on Facebook, what got my nod on this is that Diego’s parents actually monitor the page and the task of giving advice can actually be a team thing for their family as Diego gets to involve his folks as the family-sized connection, powered by PLDT Home DSL, allows each of the family member to be connected simultaneously through different gadgets.  And as I read through the kiddo’s answers, I actually find it a refreshing change as questions are answered right from the entertaining innocence of this cute little boy as he throws it as how he views the world, with a matter-of-fact tone.  Don’t forget to check out Ask Diego on Facebook, if you haven’t yet. 🙂

To sign up for your own strong, reliable family-sized connection of PLDT Home DSL, visit

Family Movie Date: Heaven is For Real
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