“Deeply In Love” Recording with Wifey

It wasn’t the first time that my wife and I tried recording music. The first time we recorded music together was for an album that our BIL created for his list of original praise and worship songs. Recordings we did together after that were more for personal purposes, as a hobby.

We were surprised and I was particularly excited when we visited our blogger friends, husband and wife, Techsterr and Pinay Ads, and see a recording studio set up in one of their rooms. We were glad to be given the opportunity to toy around with the simple but great recording set up they had. I took the guitar and Jennie took the microphone and we recorded our own interpretation and cover of “Deeply In Love” by Hillsong Australia.

The instrumentation isn’t as tight as those joined together by vlier products and we didn’t use a metronome. this is all just free style, live recording and just a track each separated for the lead guitar, acoustic guitar and voice; three tracks all in all.

“Deeply In Love” Recording with Wifey

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