Rewiring the Brain Against Pornography

In the previous posts on pornography and how it affects the brain, it has been established that constant viewing of porn affects the brain similar to the way drugs do. This is due to the concept of neuroplasticity which simply means that the person’s brain changes as the result of experience.

A person who doesn’t watch pornography has yet to develop sensitized neuro pathways inthe brain. But the person who is addicted to online porn has sensitized neuro pathways that are trampled down, like pathways we see in the woods that are being stepped on by passers by regularly, and becomes the path of least resistant.

The good news is that the brain can be changed in a positive and healthy track by unlearning addictive patterns and relearning impulse control. But how does one do this? Below are some steps that i read from the book “Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle”.

The first thing needed to be done is to practice intentional thinking. This means you must not allow the brain to dictate you but that you yourself will choose what you are to think of. This is based on the Biblical principle of sowing and reaping. What one thinks about regularly is what he becomes.

Second, if you want to rewire your brain you must pursue alternate passions. Studies show that exercise, the most common passion among men, increases dopamine receptors. All these helps rewire the brain.

Third, use the power of repetition. Repeated behaviors, over time, cause changes to the brain. Repetition helps lock behaviors in the brain. By doing things over and over, the brain can also experience a sort of “muscle memory.”

Feel free to apply and share these three simple steps to help rewire the brain.

Rewiring the Brain Against Pornography

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