The Legoland Malaysia Adventure Raffle Promo

Vacations are necessary for many reasons – everyone needs time off to unwind and take a break from work or school and daily routines, plus it gives families a chance to go on an adventure, create memories and bond over fun, new experiences. When was the last time you and your family went on an adventure? How does a Legoland Malaysia Adventure sound?

Mercury Drug Corporation, in partnership with Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines, gives you and your family a chance to win that well-deserved, dream vacation to Legoland Malaysia!

legoland malaysia mercury drug promo

Interested participants simply have to submit a photo of their Mercury Drug receipt, which will serve as their proof of purchase of any participating Mead Johnson products – Lactum 3+, Lactum 6+, Enfakid A+ and Enfagrow A+ Kid in 900G, 1.2 KG, 1.6 KG or 1.8 KG.

Participants are encouraged to submit as many entries as possible to increase their chances of winning. A raffle entry will be determined per participating product purchased. Submission of entries will be fromOctober 07, 2013 to December 31, 2013.

The Legoland Malaysia Adventure Raffle Promo

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