Happy Grandparent’s Day! – “Wala kayo sa Lola ko!”

It is universal knowledge that it is almost like a privilege for grandparents to spoil their grandchildren. I gather it to be some inevitable tendency of sorts. I used to frown on how my son would come back after a day or two of gallivanting with his grannies and come back home as a more challenging kid than his usual self.

wala ka sa lola ko jollibee

Our “mag-lola” loves sharing a bucket of Jollibee chicken joy!

While I used to argue with my folks a lot on how they often allow this cheeky boy to run things around, I cannot help but appreciate how they dearly love my son. I have to admit though, our son kind of already has this split personality where he is his spoiled self with his grandfolks and a behaved obedient boy when he’s back home. 🙂

sweet ng maglola

 One of the things Lola Lynn indulges this boy in – it’s his love for eating Jollibee chicken joy!

My son’s grandparents love him so much, they are almost like putty in his hands sometimes. But what I love most about my son’s lola (my Mom) is how she would not just be playful with him but she also taught him things about God. I was surprised to hear my little guy recite all 27 books of the Bible’s New Testament in order when he was 6 years old! He was so proud to announce that it was his Lola Lynn who taught him this particular song to help him memorize the New Testament books of the Bible in order. 😀

happy grandparent's day with jollibee

“Wala kayo sa Lola Lynn ko! — Jed”

Sure this Lola might just be like any other lola in the get-that-grandchild-spoiled department, but she is also leaving a beautiful legacy behind even as she instills in her grandchild a love for God and His word.

I am pretty sure where this “mag-lola” is spending Grandparent’s Day this coming Sunday. You too can swing around your closest Jollibee branch and spend quality time with your grannies this September 8, 2013. Better yet share over https://www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines a photo of your grandparent/s, showing why they are special. 😀 

To all our groovy grandfolk readers out there, Happy Grandparent’s Day! 

Happy Grandparent’s Day! – “Wala kayo sa Lola ko!”

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