Help! My husband is reading dad blogs

Well ok, maybe that was a bit overly dramatic, but it is giving him ideas. He wants to start doing things. Which I suppose in a way is not a bad thing, but when I come home from a very busy day at work, I really do not want to find my peaceful Zen like bedroom covered in sawdust, all because he got an idea about building his own wardrobes. Ok, Ok, I shouldn’t really blame the dad blogs for this new lease of life, but in part I do. Perhaps I shouldn’t have nagged about needing new furniture? Maybe, just maybe, I might hold a smidgeon of the blame too.

It is not just furniture. This week while he has been off with the kids, I came home to find my usually very boisterous children extremely tired. He had picked up an idea about taking the kids out to the park while the weather was good. They didn’t just do the standard swings and slides, my clever hubby took a football and a couple of tennis racquets and balls. They went onto the big field next to the park and they ran around playing for hours. They will definitely sleep tonight – see, it’s not all bad!! is the site I blame for my other half’s sudden interest in DITY. This guy is DIY mad. He pretends it is just to keep his wife happy but I think deep down he likes doing the little projects around the home. He encourages his children to help too, which is a great way to keep them busy. My husband loves this blog, and although it is fairly new, I think hubby is going to be an avid follower for a long time to come

Jim Higley, author of Bobblehead dad is another blog my husband has been following. He likes the diversity of the subjects but seemed to be drawn to another DIY post, this time it was regarding rafts for kids. The blog itself also includes great, rally helpful videos as well and so is definitely work checking out. made my hubby laugh, loud. I think the author of this blog and my husband must be cut from the same cloth, two peas in a pod! My hubby also will not answer the door, even if he is stood right next to it, annoying, but at least I now know he isn’t the only one with these weird quirks.

So that is what my husband has been doing to with his time off. He has been keeping the kids really busy, turning our home into a construction site and best of all, making sure I have a meal on the table when I come home from work. At least he is making the most of his free time, but deep down, I am secretly looking forward to him going back to work.

Help! My husband is reading dad blogs

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