Urban Kitchen’s Everyday Home Solutions for this Busy Homeschooling and Work from Home Mom

As I try my very best, on a daily basis, to be a good homemaker while homeschooling and working from home at the same time (what challenge!),  I love it that I bump into things that make homemaking look a lot less of a task. Like Urban Kitchen  home solutions for “easy living,” for instance.


When I went to attend “Chill in the City” last week at McKinley Hill Village Clubhouse, Urban Kitchen took center stage as it showcased its latest line of kitchen and tableware products for the modern home. Boy, did they get me all ears! 🙂

Urban Kitchen home solutions

The quality and sturdy crystal looking plastic pitcher sets, tumblers, beverage dispensers, bowls, and canisters from Urban Kitchen, I especially took a liking for. With a tot around the house, this, we really could make use of. Style and practicality rolled into one. 🙂

urban kitchen storage

The nifty lovely looking storage home pieces tell that a busy home does not need to look boring! These stylish modern and classic designs are suitable for everyday use.

Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala

It was no less than Sam Oh who hosted “Chill in the City.” Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, who I believe is related to the celebrated Chef Sylvia Reynoso-Gala, who was also present during the event, was also there to vouch for Urban Kitchen’s products. Chef Ernest, with the help of an audience participant, whipped up a healthy homemade salad, he calls, “Green Goddess.” Chef Ernest used Urban Kitchen salad bowls, spatulas and condiment set. I’m especially liking the colorful spatulas that have the making of giving instant accent in my kitchen. 🙂

Urban Kitchen easy entertaining

A whole spread of Urban Kitchen’s products for “easy entertaining.”

I have always wondered how I will present the cookies and cakes I bake to guests in a more presentable way and how else to offer them drinks and juices. Urban Kitchen has the above pictured products to solve just that.

Urban Kitchen Pitchers and glass sets

Just two of Urban Kitchen’s stylish pitcher and glass sets


Urban Kitchen’s products can provide “easy living” and “easy entertaining” solutions in every home for every occasion. With all its products made of unbreakable material, Urban Kitchen products is the tableware choice for the modern home with busy lifestyles.

“We thought of a relaxed and casual environment in launching our products because it reflects our vision of today’s modern home. Despite the rigorous and fast-paced lifestyle of people, they can still find time to relax and entertain their guests in the best way possible through delectable food and beverage preparations served the Urban Kitchen way,” explains Ms. Chriselda Chua, Marketing Manager of Max.Ideas Marketing Corporation, makers of Urban Kitchen.

Urban Kitchen GC

It was such a fun event! Just when I thought we were headed home, my name was called, I won the grand raffle prize for the day. What blessing! That’s five grand of shopping to level up my tiny kitchen. I’m thinking of getting a Soda Stream set, which Urban Kitchen also carries. My boys have a liking for sodas, so I might as well prepare them just the sodas with the ingredients I have control over. This family is towards healthy eating lifestyle because of my recent health issue. More on that in my succeeding posts. Thank you, Urban Kitchen, for this sweet treat! I’ll also have to thank that PTV4 representative who left early during the event. They had to pick out another card from the magical fishbowl. 😉

Urban Kitchen is a leading brand of tableware products available in all leading department stores for today’s modern households and corporate and food service clients. Urban Kitchen is part of a complete offering of food service products and promotional items by Max.Ideas Marketing, which also distributes other excellent brands such as Rosseto, Tablecraft, Thermo Future Box, Loveramics and more.

Urban Kitchen’s Everyday Home Solutions for this Busy Homeschooling and Work from Home Mom

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