Our Family’s “Wash Loads of Love” Story

After having had a couple of bad experiences with nannies when our son was still a baby and another who was a thief some years back, I got convinced that a helper-less household is the way to go for us. We were able to hire a reliable one in 2010 but she had to leave for the province last year. Because we have been independent from helper for so long way before our reliable one came, we got used to fending for ourselves.

our little helper

Above is a photo of our son when he was 3 (he now stands 4’6″ at 8years old), getting the hangers ready to line up the newly laundered clothes in the clothesline. And far back is the hubby getting the clotheslines fixed for me. Although I do the laundry for the most part, it gets to be a family affair every now and then. 🙂

Our 8 year old now is slowly becoming an expert at folding clothes with me. But it did take a while. To be honest, it would have been easier if I do all the folding and not to have to refold everything he has folded. But it is an exercise he has to get through to learn. I’m happy to report that he now takes care of his own closet.  This alone makes a homemaker’s life way easier for me. A mom who has several hats to wear, including: homeschooling, homemaking and working from home,  has to device a system that works and because we started early, this routine has beautifully incorporated itself in our family routine. No need for househelp, thank you! 🙂

He started helping with the dirty clothes when he was around 2 years old. We sorted light colored clothes from the dark ones before we dump them in the washer.  It became part of his learning activities. He’d gleefully pick out a light colored shirt and announce, “Light!” and dark ones, “Dark!” and dumping them in their respective baskets. That was his still “bulol days,” way before he can speak a straight sentence. 🙂

I think it has a lot to do with him thinking of it as part of play because even if it is a chore that keeps repeating itself even if we do not want it to, it is just something we have to grow to live with. It will also allow for our child to be more independent as he learns things around the house. And while there are laundry shops to do our laundry tasks, the OC in me is not very comfortable with the fact that we actually are sharing the same washer with strangers when we get our laundry done elsewhere.

Electrolux Time Manager

Electrolux Time Manager Front Load Washing Machine

While we make laundry time fun and easier than it should be, I admit that it still takes up a lot of our time during the day. Three loads on my top load washer takes up at least half of my day (which we would really rather spend homeschooling), not to mention all the buckets of water it wastes. I admit to have to sacrifice a day in a week since I do the laundry twice to lessen the overall load. This Electrolux Time Manager front load washer cuts the washing time in less than half and uses less water. I can even clean the clothes with no water in it! Now that’s my dream washer right there! 🙂

Time Manager washing machines also help remove household allergens in clothes by up to 99.9% through its Vapour Action. Making this the perfect washer for me since I have been dealing with urtecaria and rashes since February this year and up to this day, my allergologist and I have not spotted the trigger yet.


The allergic rashes I started having since the construction of our house’s second floor. Construction done and I still have it. I pop an antihistamine pill everday (yes, like vitamins), that’s why you do not exactly see me trotting around looking like a prawn. 🙂

Since the first Endocrinologist I saw thinks that my allergies have nothing to do with the autoimmune thyroid antibodies that I have, I am thrown back to see my Allergologist again. Taking antihistamine everyday is such a downer. In the event that this washer upgrade to Electrolux Time Manager front load washer gets this urtecaria problem taken cared of, then that’s totally hitting two birds in one stone! If it does not, I will still save up on water and make better use of what used to be “washing time.” Did I mention that this Time Manager washer includes a feature called, “Refresh Cycle” that relaxes fibres and steams out the wrinkles from the clothes, cutting down on our electricity cost consumed by ironing. Sweet! 😀


Of all the front load washers, why Electrolux, you ask? I have a first hand experience of the quality of Electrolux appliance and their after purchase service. We bought our first Electrolux split-type airconditioner during the summer of 2010 after attending Electrolux Midsommer Festival. To make the long story short, the appliance center we bought it from messed up its job on the installation with our wall cracked and wires and tubes hanging beside the compressor (appliance shops subcontracts installation jobs like this). Just when I thought I wasn’t anymore going to bother with it, let it go and maybe have it fixed when we got our second storey built. Electrolux called in to survey for feedback on their air conditioner and installation and I had to tell the truth.

excellent customer service

The Electrolux Customer Service Hub dealt with the reinstallation and fixing of my wall.  The subcon of the appliance center will not follow through on getting the problem remedied. Now how’s that for an excellent after sales service? That was really impressive and I honestly have yet to find a brand who will go the extra mile.  As Filipinos, we are most of the time, expected to just suck it in and let it be. Poor service is the usual default. NOT WITH ELECTROLUX and that’s something I can sincerely vouch for.

electrolux customer care hub

The Electrolux Customer Service Hub is located at the Grundfos Building, 5548 Osmena Highway, Brgy. San Isidro,  Makati City. The Customer Care team can also be reached through wecare@electrolux.com or 845-CARE (2273). The hub is a one stop facility that offers a wide variety of spare parts and accessories for small appliances, major appliances, and air conditioners, as well as a diverse range of consumable items. This is the place to go to find items we do not normally find in supermarkets or hardware stores.

Electrolux - Wash away your laundry woes with the Time Manager Electrolux - Get greener with your washing

Our family’s very satisfactory experience with Electrolux reinforces my belief in the brand and why I’m choosing this for my long awaited Time Manager Front Load washer upgrade. 🙂

Electrolux Wash Loads of Love Laundry Set

Wash Loads of Love Laundry Set

Now, I’m ending this post with a very special treat to Marriage and Beyond’s readers. Hubby and I will choose the best COMMENT on this post. The chosen (1) blog reader will receive this Wash Loads of Love Laundry Set from Electrolux. The set includes: Electrolux Steam Iron ESI 515, Surf Liquid Detergent,  IKEA Children’s Clothes Hangers and IKEA Silver Laundry Basket! One comment per reader, please! Open to everyone with a local residence (Philippines) where the prizes will be shipped. Contest ends to August 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm. 

Our Family’s “Wash Loads of Love” Story

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