Dad blogs for the active family

When I am writing my mum blog I try to keep it interesting, include activities that the whole family can enjoy and also include ideas to keep the kids entertained for a few hours while inside the house. I decided to do a search online for other ideas to keep the kids busy during the school holidays and I stumbled across several dads’ blogs, all about the great outdoors.

Now, my kids love nothing better than to have an excuse why they should not be in the house, rain, hail, sleet or snow my kids don’t care. They love the great outdoors and all too often I find myself being dragged along for a weekend camping trip where I spend much of the time wistfully reminiscing of that short time before I had kids where I could afford to stay in fancy spa hotels and be pampered… then the screech of some nocturnal creature will jar me awake and I am brought back to reality with a bump.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending the time with my kids, even more so I love to see them happy and having fun doing the things they love, but does it always have to be on the wettest weekend of the year?

Back to the dad blogs. I found a few that had some great ideas that I just knew my kids would love, like  The site is one of the more recent ones with only a few posts so far, but I have bookmarked it just because of the reason the author has for creating the blog. He talks about the camping trips he had with his family when he was younger and these are the sorts of memories I want my kids too. If I can pick up any ideas from this blog I am sure they will win me plenty of brownie points with my little ones.

Another that caught my eye was which again covers family outdoor activities. There are a whole load of days out ideas and great place to visit, although the author is from New England USA, so those who live elsewhere in the world might not find this helpful for specific ideas. However, when he talks about activities such as visiting an aquarium, science museums or even going jogging, these are activities that people can enjoy almost anywhere in the world. is a site not to be missed. It is all about ways to get kids out in the fresh air. The author explains how he used to spend a lot of time outdoors when he was younger when he settled down in a job and started his family. This blog follows his journey as he takes back that aspect of his life and takes his family along with him for the ride.

Dad blogs are just as informative and fun a mum blogs but in a completely different way. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should.

Dad blogs for the active family

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