Jollitown Season 6 Coming this July 20, 2013

Jollitown, the show kids love since it first aired in 2008 will be back for its 6th Season this coming July 20, 2013! During this season, kid audiences get to experience what it is like to be in Jollitown themselves! Our little guy had a blast as he was in one of the tapings for one of the episodes of Jollitown Kids Show.

jollitown kids show taping

Stage Mama mode: ON

jollitown kids show taping june 29

The hubby and I sent off that kiddo on stage with an encouraging, “Just smile and have fun!” (our son is that ball of a kid in the middle with his hair up wearing a beach blue shirt) 🙂

taping of jollitown kids show

Oh he’s having fun all right! 😀

jollitown kids show camera

The prime lens failed to capture the intended subject. But if you will squint a tiny bit you, will spot the camera zeroing in on those kids, including our kid. 🙂

jollitown kids show taping break time

He was all smiles even during the taping break. Here’s why…

jollitown kids show with jollibee

Jollibee and friends are getting ready to strut their stuff on the next take!  Woohoo!

Oh I tell you, all three of us went home with an LSS – (last song syndrome) singing and humming along to Jollitown Kid Show’s theme song. 🙂

The Jollitown Kids Show focuses on playing and learning while still bearing the toe-tapping appeal kids from around the country have loved since 2008. Other highlights for Jollitown Season 6 are new songs and dance steps, storytelling, educational segments, fun-filled games, colorful animation and exciting new characters.

Catch all 13 episodes of The Jollitown Kids Show every Saturday, starting this coming July 20, 2013 from 8:40AM to 9:15AM on GMA. 😀

Jollitown Season 6 Coming this July 20, 2013

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