A Healthier Food Choice for Our Family – Magnolia Chicken Station Lite

One of the handful of things moms have to take care of week in and week out, is this challenge of making sure the family is rationed with good nutritional food choices whenever we go to the supermarket and pick out what we will serve our loved ones throughout the week. Whether  it is something we do ourselves or have handed over to a kitchen staff, our influence and say on  what we serve on the table almost always gets the upper hand. 🙂


Magnolia Chicken Station Lite

It was a deLITE to know that Magnolia Chicken now has launched this healthier line of fresh chicken products – Chicken Station Lite, in SM Supermarkets. The chicken parts include the high protein, less fat Magnolia Free Range Chicken, as well as lean, skinless breast cuts like breast fillet, chicken strips, chicken chunks, and lean ground chicken.

Magnolia Chicken Station DeLITEful Day with Frida and Wanda


A DeLITEful Day wtih Magnolia Chicken’s official mascots, Frida and Wanda! 🙂

The Magnolia Chicken Station Lite was launched last Friday, July 5, 2013 at the SM Southmall. It was a fun event where everyone in the mall was welcome to join.

Magnolia Chicken DeLITEful hosts and organizers

Magnolia Chicken DeLITEful Day team, organizers with host, Angel Locsin

Throughout the day free Wellness Seminars, Nutrition Consultation, Healthy Cooking Demonstration, Fun Games and exciting activities were participated in by the very eager crowd. Sponsors and booths also joined the DeLITEful Day event were Slimmer’s World, YSA Botanica, San Miguel’s My Great Food Club, San Miguel Pure Foods.

chef cooking segment

Magnolia Chicken’s in-house chef did an easy, deLITEful and yummy panini demonstration. I have a feeling I’m going to strut my stuff back home and get my panini sandwich maker to work. He surely made sandwich layering and healthy cooking looking look so easy. 🙂

Magnolia Chicken Mushrooms and Artichokes Panini

Magnolia Chicken Mushrooms and Artichokes Panini Recipe

Magnolia DeLITEful Day game

Fun games and activities

Embracing Good Nutrition

More than any other segment during the launch it was Llena Tan-Arcenas talk on Embracing Good Nutrition, food storage and balanced diet got me all ears. Ms. Lenna Tan-Arecenas is the In-House Nutiritionist of San Miguel Pure Foods.

food storage

Truth be told, it is just way too easy to take food storage for granted. But it is one of the basics in food nutrition. No matter how nutritious our food is, if we do not store them right, ending up with a stomach bug is not all too far behind.

What moms like me will really appreciate about Magnolia Chicken Station is the availability of different cuts and formats like fillets, deboned whole chicken, ground chicken, and other dish-specific chicken cuts (adobo, tinola, recado, menudo, etc.).  No more having the chop till you drop when you come back home. 🙂 And if you have not noticed it yet, Magnolia Chicken also has this Cook-easy line-up, special, marinated cuts in a variety of flavors such as Chicken Teriyaki, Inasal, Korean BBQ, Breaded Chicken Fingers, and Savory Fried Chicken, et. al., which totally takes away the hassle of food preparation. Just store the marinated chicken pieces in the fridge as soon as we got home!

With the presence of Magnolia Chicken Station Lite in major SM Supermarkets, SM Savemore, and SM Hypermarket outlets nationwide, our family can get hold of hearty and nutritious lean chicken cuts and wholes so conveniently. 🙂

A Healthier Food Choice for Our Family – Magnolia Chicken Station Lite

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