Teaching Children How to Eat on Their Own

Ever since our son started to eat on his own, we never really had huge issues in keeping him seated or having to run after him for feeding. I guess it comes with the fact that as a work from home mom, it was one of those things I was on set on “making it work.”  For one, there are three meals in one day and if I succumb to the difficult exercise (which I’m not a fan of) of running after my son, I will be left with no time to work on the tasks I need to get done on a daily basis.  The good news is, children, really, are ultra absorbent sponges that embrace the things we instill in them at an early age.

At first, things may appear more challenging than they are (reminds me a lot of that note of caution we see on a car’s side mirror). Thankfully, there are tangible things we can actually use to guide us through keeping our children focused while eating. Like having their favorite Disney characters on their plate, for example.

Melawares Mickey

This was especially helpful when we were still getting our son to get used to using the utensils and gather the food in the middle instead of having those morsels scatter all over the plate. This actually made this child’s development phase for us enjoyable. When we device a thing like this and get them to actually work for us, we tend to have good memories rather than the opposite. 🙂

mickey disney melawares

Oh, that little guy is 8 years old all right but Mickey never gets old with him! He shares his bed with his Mickey stuffed toy to this day. 🙂 He loves his Melawares Disney dinnerware and even takes on the task of its care – no abrasive cleaners. I love that Melawares, being a trusted brand of tableware, made sure that these children-friendly, highly durable sets are all food grade safe. 🙂

Melawares Disney

And if you happen to have little girls, Melawares Disney line also carries Disney princesses sets. Melawares tableware sets are available in SM Department stores. 🙂

Teaching Children How to Eat on Their Own

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