Our family’s love for chocolates and everything sweet

Way before we had out little man, my hubby and I took a special liking for Cadbury Dairy Milk. I don’t know if it is the serotonin in chocolates, but the trivial of spats were easily set aside when the hubby comes home with it. 🙂

Cadbury Dairy Milk

 We were first convinced that his favorite was fruit and nut and mine was the plain variant. But ever since we got our hands on our first Cadbury Black Forest bar, we just knew there was something about those smoothy and creamy milk chocolates, filled with cherry jelly and chocolate biscuit pieces than meet the eye. We especially loved investigate-biting, checking what piece is up next. Then Jeff will ask which ones I’d prefer (the biscuit pieces or the cherry jellies – I usually switch either/or) and he’ll freely give me what I prefer at any given time and have the ones I prefer second. The shallow things we love actually have sweet stories attached to it. And aside from this affirming that I have the sweetest of hubbies, I also share being a chocoholic with him as a thing in common. 🙂

cadbury dairy milk father and son

I guess it should not be a surprise if we have for a little man, a sweet tooth himself. An apple does not fall far from its tree – only it gets dipped into melted Cadbury Dairy Milk goodness. 😀

cadbury dairy milk love

The most challenging thing a self-confessed chocoholic has got to deal with is our country’s humid climate. Did you know that ideally, we are not to store chocolates in the fridge? But with the crazy weather we have, what choice have we got?

What we do after taking the chocolate from the fridge, we let it be and do not unwrap until it gets to room temperature. To get the most  pleasure of enjoying chocolates, speaking to our chocoholic readers here, indulge when it is at room temperature. Unless you would rather play with cold hard candy in your mouth. We really prefer biting through the best texture a chocolate should be in since its truest of flavors will not easily diffuse into our taste buds until it gets to the perfect temp.

Now allow me to go right back where I left off — to my boys who are just about done installing the guitar wall mount and before they finish the Cadbury Dairy Milk I just unwrapped for them for us to share. 🙂

Our family’s love for chocolates and everything sweet

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