Home Decorating: LED Curtains & Bead Decors

Zappobz produces and wholesales to retailers and businesses fabulous LED curtains and bead decorations of various styles. The quality product line provides ornamentation for situations like Las Vegas shows, store windows and weddings as well as home and business interior decor. Since its start in the 1980s, Zappobz has specialized in products that help people highlight, display and celebrate.

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Eye-catching LED Decor Lights and Beads Beads and dainty LED lights adorn in strings and curtains for great daytime and nigh-time ornamentation. An LED curtain helps complete a backdrop scene for a performance. Branches with durable acrylic flowers entwine around posts in a restaurant dining room, and bead curtains make a door between the bedroom and living room at home. Zappobz provides well-made strings of beads and LED curtains for any special occasion or decor possibility. Interior Decor and Event Decorations Zappobz sells its fine decorating products to businesses as well as retailers from whom individuals can purchase them for use at family celebrations or home decor. Interior decor uses for the products include applications like LED and bead chandeliers over the dining room table, LED curtains at windows and strings of beads dressing-up window treatments. For events, the dainty lights stream from stages and wrap around posts. Acrylic flowering branches in vases cast a soft glow on tables. Zappobz offers bead and LED decorations to embellish with sparkle and style.

Home Decorating: LED Curtains & Bead Decors

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