You still have until 7PM to Vote! GO OUT AND CAST YOUR VOTE!

Hubby and I woke up today with this reminder from Gloc9 music video on choosing the right people to vote for. While I am not the very least interested in politics, I am not resorting to apathy. Because really apathy will bring us nowhere. It is our duty as Filipino citizens to go out there and cast our votes for the future of our children.

“Dapat Tama” by Gloc9 featuring Denise Barbacena

I know I should have been more ready with my list some days back at least. But because aside from being under the weather for the most part, I had to take care of my son’s 8th birthday and my tons of other tasks that have swamped me like crazy. So it’s a last minute “kodigo” list for me.

kodigo sa pagboto

The first seven senatoriables in my list. I only voted for 10. Because honestly, I do not know the rest who campaigned and leaving it to chance and shading the wrong name, I am so not at peace with. I voted for the following senatoriables:

  1. Bro. Eddie Villanueva
  2. Angara
  3. Jun Magsaysay
  4. Grace Poe
  5. Gordon
  6. Hagedorn
  7. Cayetano
  8. Pimentel
  9. Mitos Magsaysay
  10. Honasan


 As frustrating as it is to do this election duty as Filipino citizens, we have to choose to do what is right. I totally understand those who have remained apathetic. Seeing our culture in the hands of vultures can be pretty tiring. From time immemorial up to this past election campaign, candidates have remained the same – vote buying and all those nasties taking place. But not voting, robs us of our right to our voice being heard. And I quote my mom’s Facebook status message on this matter

It is your right and your responsibility as a good citizen to vote. If you don’t vote, don’t complain kung iyong di mo gusto ay manalo at di pala deserve na manalo. PLS. VOTE!!!

Kaya nananalo iyong mga hindi deserving, kasi iyong mga uneducated (those who are uninformed, or those who don’t have the access to the right information), iyon ang masipag bumoto. Iyong mga nakakaalam kung sino ang dapat iboto, sila ang walang ganang bumoto. Kaya iyan ang nangyayari, mga kurakot ang mga nananalo.

I remember, when I was a kid, si Papa, member ng Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce), and every election day, lumalabas sila ng kapwa niya Jaycees at habang nakasakay sa isang motor vehicle na may malaking sign na GET OUT AND VOTE and with a loudspeaker, they would tell people na lumabas sila sa kanilang mga bahay at magpunta sa polling place. 

That said, you still have until 7PM to vote! If you still love this country any, GO OUT AND CAST YOUR VOTE! 😀

You still have until 7PM to Vote! GO OUT AND CAST YOUR VOTE!

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