Our 7 year old and The Phantom of the Opera Musical

Last week was a very memorable pre-mother’s day week in all the eight years I have been a mother. I honestly have tons of things I want to blog about, share and document. But aside from the still not done with getting things in their proper places back home (yes, we have finally moved back home after more than 3 months), tons of online backlogs to work on, the regular house chores, I have been urticaria-stricken for more than a few weeks now, 24/7 at that. If that won’t keep any mom, stressed, I don’t know what will. The love for my family keeps me going and with friends who are praying with me, I’m sure I’ll be back to my good mommy warrior stance in no time. 🙂

father and son

Many as they are, allow me to get started with my son’s fondness for the musical Phantom of the Opera. Is it too weird that my then 7 year old son (he just turned 8 yesterday) loves Phantom of the Opera? What made me smile a handful of times was when I woke up a couple of days last week with my son (who usually crawls up our bed in the morning) humming to the tune of Phantom of the Opera. Reminds me of when he started humming himself to sleep (a child’s own self-soothing nature, I gathered) when he was a few months old. He then would habitually hum songs first thing when he wakes up. Something I will never tire of and I am not going to apologize for being so giddy over what might seem to be too shallow for some. 🙂

At first, I mistook the tune of The Phantom of the Opera to the “You are My Hiding Place” song. Then I remembered as he went along to hum the rest of the song, I figured it was from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. That same day during breakfast, I had the Soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera play on my Macbook upstairs. Our son finished his food right away (no second serving – unusual) and went right up. While I was busy downstairs, hubby reported back that he found our son sitting in front of my computer as the rest of the soundtrack played on. He was so into it!

phantom of the opera

Our son first watched the Phantom some months back with his Ninong Ted but never got to finish it. Then the week before last week, we watched it during our overnight stay at Kawayan Cove (such lovely place). I was surprised myself that a 7 year old will have interest at all. Hubby and I kinda of found it dragging at first and although I always knew about this movie, I was not a fan. Only now am I taking interest on that play. All because of my son.

I did have my reservations as I was not so sure if the musical was too intense for a kid his age. Since I had no time to research (I really had no clue what it was about aside from having that creepy masked character), I played it by ear, I was with him anyway. I figured if I find any scene explicit or too intense, I can always pull him away. More than the bothersome scene of young phantom being tormented in a gypsy freak show (where he was saved by a caring young lady), the falling chandelier, I think what I saw from my son’s response that made him cover his ears a couple of times when the musical score transitioned to being intense. He does that a lot even with cartoons. I have this feeling that our son has this heightened auditory learning ability. He picks things up rather easily. I remember him started to mimic our repeated “I love yous” when he was 2 months old! No kidding! I have to get that video uploaded sometime. This might even explain why he appreciates plays and movies like Phantom of the Opera to begin with.

My general thoughts about Phantom of the Opera being watched and enjoyed by my 7 year old son, I do not exactly find ideal. As musical as it is, it still has a handful of scenes suggesting homicide, some mildly seductive nature of music. The smoking and alcohol drinking, I think we have that covered. Since we have already discussed with our son why these things are not good. Ephesians 5:18, “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.”

While we may already have allowed our son to watch it, I think it is too late for him to “unsee” it. Especially now that he teaches me how “Think of Me” goes and requests for me to sing “All I Ask of You” during our karaoke nights and we even do duets random parts of the day. I think what we can do now is talk about the story and be open for discussion, where I know “Right from Wrong” will prop up here and there. As fun as it is to see our son love musicals so much, I would like to keep at being vigilant from exposing him to things that he is premature to be exposed to.

“Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” 

Our 7 year old and The Phantom of the Opera Musical

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