Pomegranate Shake to Beat the Summer Heat

We have always known that pomegranates (punica granatum), “granada” in Tagalog, are the healthiest fruits on earth. Egyptians in the ancient times bury their dead with bunches of pomegranates with the belief that it promises eternal life. An even more interesting Persian belief is that it was a pomegranate that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden. The name “pomegranate” itself was derived from Latin which means, “seeded apple.” There must be a reason why pomegrantes are broken open during Greek wedding celebrations. I have since researched about pomegranates as I got convinced that there is more to it than culture and traditions. Now, if we don’t have such painfully humid weather, then maybe growing one in our backyard should be no problem.


I believe it was some years ago that I learned about pomegranates being the best fruits for those who have cancer, prostate and breast, specifically. Health experts reveal that the fruit is loaded with antioxidants and a handful more of health benefits like fight against osteoarthritis, heart problems and so on.

pomegranate cut in half


There is supposed to be a better way of getting those precious arils and seeds off a pomegranate. You first have to take the crown off then slice the rind all around without going all the way. But I have always cut it this way and I am okay with it. I actually massage the fruits before cutting them open. I find the arils and seeds come off rather easily from the pockets when I do this.

pomegranate arils and seeds


Some just chew on the arils and spit out the seeds. But that’s totally wasting the Vitamin K and C that pomegranate seeds are known for. Because of my love for my boys and I know that both won’t have patience to chew on each seed, I used a blender (a power juicer would have been best– we’re still praying to have one), I gradually set the speed from slow to high to get those seeds as crushed as possible before I add the ice. 

ice maker

I make a couple of glasses of pomegranate shake per fruit. No sugar added. Just the arils with seeds plus two scoops of ice. You add water, then it’s not shake anymore. You call that juice. Even my 7 year old loves the sweet shake! Hands down, the healthier way to beat the summer heat. I love that my tummy does not feel heavy as it would when I devour on ice cream. I can only wish pomegranates are readily available anywhere and are not so pricey. Make sure to drink this first before having your meal. I tried drinking after and it does not taste as sweet.

pomegranate peelings

The rind? I don’t throw them to the waste basket right away, I slather those peels on my face. If ever you do this, take note of it, the bloody trails on your face might startle you like it did me an hour after. The rind is supposed to have great astringent qualities, aside from being rich in antioxidants. 🙂

pomegranate shake


Pomegranates make the most refreshing fruit shakes in the world! While I love shakes from the malls, I am not liking those sugar water they add in their product. I made 6 glasses of pomegranate shakes last night. This morning, melon shakes. 🙂

pomegranate and melon shake

 What I had for lunch today? Pomegranate-Melon Shake. It is good to be back to making fruit shakes again. We have not done this in a while. I have been under the weather these past weeks and I cannot remain ill. I still have 4 more days to take my antibiotics. But I have been praying against hospitalization in time for my son’s 8th birthday.

The symptoms I had in 2010 are shooting to being full blown with the manifestations of my allergies present 24/7. I’ve had it with antihistamines knocking me out. I pray that the Lord will sustain and heal me and maybe even use these fruits He provided to restore me back to health. 🙂

Pomegranate Shake to Beat the Summer Heat

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