Happy Earth Day 2013!

Earth Day Google

If you happen to frequent Google like I do, there is no way you cannot notice that green, earth theme it displays on its search page. It was when I remembered today is Earth Day! Happy Earth Day, folks! Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970. But I will have to admit to learning and celebrating about Earth Hour first before I knew anything about Earth Day!

Marriage and Beyond is totally towards supporting Earth Day and it advocacy. As readers might have noticed, our family has been towards going green for as long as we can remember. As the Lord has sustained us here on earth, we are to choose to be better stewards of our resources and our mother earth. There are a handful of environmental issues, sure. But to not care is like giving our children and the generation after them nothing to hope for but the reality of climate change taking its turn for the worse.


One of the many supporters of Earth Day is SM Supermalls. I happened to swing by the Eco Fair held in Megamall and  present were DENR Director Atty. Juan Miguel Cuna, Mall Manager of SM Megamall Ian Mathay, Head of Environment Committee Liza Selerio, Roberto Guevara of EDNP, Regional Operations Manager Jojo Navera and Executive Director of Earth Day, Voltaire Alferez.  I love that more than being one of those who pioneered in using eco bags, SM is actually doing more for the environment by educating its customers how we can actually be friendlier towards our environment. 

Mr. Bulate

Mr. Tony De Castro a.k.a. Mr. Bulate

Mr. Bulate jump started the learning seminar with his Organic Farming talk. I forgot what his real name is. Mr. De Castro said for us not to hesitate calling him Mr. Bulate. He is all for organic farming, its sustainability and many benefits. He believes that earthworms are the angels of the earth and has proven his points several times over during his talk.



I was thrilled to have seen as one of the exhibitors, Plantex. I recently just mentioned the brand a couple of weeks ago in my post about Stinky Pits. The first time I blogged about Plantex was in 2011 – A Mom’s Fab Eco Find.

Alabaster Miracle Oil

 Alabaster Miracle Oil

As I was going through the exhibit, this particular product interested me enough for me to purchase a bottle. It claims to heal a handful of things. I have been researching about it since and so far, my son gets to sleep faster these days. It must be  the lavender scent I got or we really have been awfully tired with all the taxing tasks of moving houses. Anyone of you have tried this yourself? How do you guys find it? 🙂

Here is hoping that we go beyond jumping on the going green bandwagon and actually stay conscientious as we go about our day to day living. Suffice it to say, a little can really go a long way. Like for instance, last week, instead of driving to places of appointments, I left the car somewhere and took the train both times. That’s less carbon footprint from me. It’s those little things we do and if we try to see things from outside the box, we will have a better perspective and as we go along, we are able to sustain the habit that we have hopefully formed. Happy Earth Day 2013!!!

Happy Earth Day 2013!

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