This is how my boys roll

It used to be a lot more of roughhousing that my boys do on a regular basis (and a bit of music) as my husband would watch and learn some drum routines and our then 2 year old would drum away via his own little boy drum set. We knew right from before he turned one that he was musically inclined even as he would get the tune of songs in an instant.

Today, family day means these boys jamming to some songs that they would randomly pick. Although they still do some roughhousing every now and then, they speak this language of music that I totally find entertaining. Above is an intro of one of the songs we sing at church, “Forever and Ever,” I had this recorded some months back. My son would often play using the keyboard and the hubby via Garageband on his iPad.

Jeff and Jed playing to the tune of Oggie and the Cockroaches theme song. Jed on the iPad and Jeff using Jed’s guitar. They have this plan of setting up a music room at home with good guitar amp and a drum set to follow. We will see how this will turn out. 🙂

This is how my boys roll

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