Home Office Project

Homestretch. Thankfully, we are currently at the twelfth and hopefully last couple of weeks of our house renovation/expansion project. And the home office upgrade is coming along well so far. In fact, all the rooms in the house are already painted and we are starting to get a vision of how our home office will look.

home office

That right corner on the above photo is where we are going to have the home office installed. The installation of the sliding windows will come last. We are thinking of having a side by side office with my son just like before. Only this time, it will not be cramped one. We have had this setup since we started homeschooling. I believe this is the best way to have it so I can readily check on his school work while I multi task and check out some software testing methodologies as part of my online task lineup. Task Management and Project Estimates can be efficiently managed with the correct software in place, so I feel it’s worth the extra effort in finding the right tools. I should tell you that part of my search took me to an interesting site that offered some great tools in this area. Click here for more products that they offer in relation to software testing and Project Planning, Customer Support including the system requirements needed. Some great resources here for home offices and corporate settings as well. I have sidetracked … but so many people are reported to be working from home these days, that when you find something good like this, it’s important to share it with others who might not be aware of something that could change their work life dramatically! 🙂

Meanwhile, to get back to the office construction … we went to check out some furniture at office depot, but I am not sure that we have found the perfect office table that will perfectly fit our nook. I am beginning to think that it is best to have a customized table made for a neater look. Since our homeschooler has already outgrown his preschool table, we think this 7 year old’s 4’6′ frame will be able to function better doing his homeschool work in a standard sized workstation as opposed to his little boy’s preschool table and chair.


Above is one of the photos from homenewdesign we are shooting for our home office setup. In the event that we do not get the measurements we require for our office, we will just have to have a customized one made. In hindsight, this might save us money considering the cost of ready made furnishings that are commercially available. When the home office has been built, we will be off and ready to set up software testing tools to get the office running. The plan is for a good work environment as well as the right tools for quality and efficiency.

Home Office Project

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