Conquering Diet Shift with Aqiva

The Diet Shift phase and how it can impact a child’s life can be so real even to intentional parents like us. As soon as my husband and I learned that we were pregnant, we were set on doing things right. From the no anaesthesia and natural lamaze/bradley method childbirth to the progression of food introduction to our son when he was almost 6 months old. Yes, we made sure to introduce veggies first before fruits so that he will not prefer sweets over the rather bland tasting fleshy veggies. Also with the help of Babywise method, he began sleping through the night since he was 2 months old.

unpolished brown rice

We thought we were doing good. Apparently, as we went along, we learned that parenting does not stop when our son learned to eat solid foods. Sure, I had him learn how to eat the bitter gourd and all those  infamous veggies and fruits. But living with parents with our lifestyle, he was bound to pick up our unhealthy habits and actually prefer them over the healthy stuff he used to eat. He essentially was eating brown rice from 6 months up to around  6 years old. I always cooked his brown rice separately. Then we hired a helper. My son had his first diarrhea during that time and his second. Then I found out the helper was handling the brown rice all wrong and kept on getting spoiled. I taught her several times but when it happened again, I just decided to drop cooking brown rice for Jed. Dropping the habit of our son eating brown rice altogether.

Jed at 4 years old

Essentially, our son’s diet shift can be factored back to our family’s not very ideal eating habits. Slowly, our son took a liking on eating on eating foods with empty calories.


He is growing all right. But I also learned from the recent Aqiva Food Talk event when Ms. Luz Callanta, Nutrition Expert and Lecturer, discussed about malnutrition not only pertaining to those who are stick and bones looking kids. Those stocky ones, regardless of how cute they look, especially kids who are obese are also considered malnourished. Affirming my thoughts of cutting down my son’s food intake of the usual ones he would devour on. Definitely, less of those empty calorie foods.

how to stay in control diet shift

Because I was able to initially start my son to eating healthy, I figured it is going to be easier for me to reintroduce him back to that habit. That would also mean a lifestyle change for our family, in general.

Food Talk Fight the Diet Shift

Delamar hosted the “Aqiva Food Talk, Fight the Diet Shift.” Present were Ms. Luz Callanta, Nutrition Expert and Lecturer, Dra. Bernadette Benitez, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Specialist and Celebrity Mom and TV Host, Mikee Conjuangco-Jaworski.

“It is normal for a child to go through a Diet Shift, as experimenting with new food, and developing tastes for new food, are all part of growing up. The problem is when the child gets exposed to more types of unhealthy food, and would start to prefer these over other food that are ideal for his age. This usually heightens at age 4, when he starts tasting sugary snacks from classmates, and begins craving for fried and crunchy food from the malls, etc. This is when parents should start monitoring their child’s intake of unhealthy food, and continue teaching them to eat healthy.” explained Dr. Benitez.

JedZacharyAspacio GrownUp Picture1
Jed at 6 years old. It was around this time that he entered the Diet Shift phase.

In a recent study done by Dr. Emilie Flores on the dietary characteristics of Filipino children, ages 1-6 years old from NCR, it is alarming to know that only 20% consumed fruits & vegetable at least once a day. Truth be told, our family do not meet the minimum acceptable diet standards based on the WHO indicators. My concern draws me back to my son getting the proper amount of nutrition his growing mind and body needs.

Very Berry Pops, Vegan Burger, Kiddie Canapes

Celebrity Chef Jackie Laudico also taught mommies to make Very Berry Pops, Vegan Burgers and Kiddie Canapés. The Very Berry Pops are made of Camote cake. Well prepared and styled healthy foods are much more appealing to kids.

Aqiva Milk

It has been over a year since Jed stopped drinking milk regularly. If at all, he would only have it with it cereals. But I love that ever since I introduced him to Aqiva, he has grown a liking to it and loves to drink milk at least once a day.  Giving my son Aqiva everyday ensures me that whatever nutrients he misses out on the food that he is served with, get supplemented with A.Q.I (Adequate, Quality and Important) Nutrients. AQIVA is packed with 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, scientifically designed to support the child’s nutrition especially during the Diet Shift phase.

Conquering Diet Shift with Aqiva

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