Week 7 to 9: Home Improvement Update

Week 7

Our house’s construction progress is currently on its 10th week. There were and still are some withstanding issues. But we trust that even with the current stresses this house project is giving us, we remain hopeful that God will see us through its finishing phase. Week 7, although not as impressive as home improvements NJ, has given us a sneak peek of what we are to see when the construction of our house’s second floor is done.

(1) The family room,  a portion of which will serve as our home office. We actually deliberated on this since there are two free rooms downstairs that can serve as our home office. Since the office will house the gadgets and electronics, in the event that there will be flood scare, it will be a hassle to transfer them. Defeating the purpose of having the construction of the second floor built, to start with. (2) Walk-in closet. (3) Upstairs Toilet and Bath. Behind it is our son’s bedroom. (4) The frontage where the balcony will be.

Week 8

Since the seventh week of the house construction, (1) the bath tub has been transferred to the upstairs toilet and bath. (2) Half of the downstairs toilet and bath is already demolished. (3) The current pitiful state of what used to be a contemporary black and white themed toilet and bath. (4) Installation of pipings for the upstairs toilet and bath.

Week 9

Since its previous week, the tiling of the second floor toilet and bath has already started within Week 9. The construction of the first cabinet in the walk-in closet  has also started. Week 9 is also the time when my son and I were able to actually go up the stairs to check out the construction progress for the first time. It was only the husband who was able to go up via the scaffoldings during the previous weeks. Needless to say, the cheeky boy was thrilled! I purport that he will gladly sleep on his own when we finally get settled. 🙂

With all the complications of having to deal with the stresses of this home renovation, we are still looking forward to the next couple of weeks when we can actually move in, get settled and get right back to our daily routine.

*This post is a sponsored. However, all the opinions and views are my own.

Week 7 to 9: Home Improvement Update
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