How to Theme Your Bridal Shower

Bridal showers come in all shapes and sizes and should be something that you, the bride, will enjoy. Whether you are into sipping wine after hours at a museum surrounded by Van Gogh or you prefer a more relaxed get-with-your-girls and get silly party, there are no rules about what kind of bash your bridal shower needs to be.

This or That?

In either of the above scenarios you could incorporate a theme to add another layer of fun. Feeling nostalgic? Put together a theme designed around the era of your childhood; i.e. a “90s” party or have a literal “Pampered Chef” party using recipe cards as invitations and requesting kitchen gadgets and/or lingerie as gifts. There are a variety of fun theme ideas to think about.

Hosting a Black (or Pink) Bra Event

When choosing bridal shower invitations for this event look for classic black and white (or black and pink); you can insert flyers with all of the “charity” details. *By the way, the “charity” is your honeymoon fund or at least the expense of your night out. However, you could also choose to donate to a real cause instead. There are many great local charities.

Request that the invited guests arrive wearing a basic black bra on the outside of their clothing. Inform them that they will be designing a bra for “charity” and will not be bringing the bras back home. *Pick-up a few extra brassieres in various sizes at a thrift store just in case someone forgets theirs or brings a guest.

Ready, Set, Go! It’s Your Party!

Put together baskets of decorative embellishments; think beads, lace, feathers; include things that are edible like life savers, vine licorice and more. Don’t forget to toss in glue guns, glue sticks, mini sewing kits and so on. Do you want to push the envelope by adding “adult” options?

You can see how silly this can get!

Grab your Maid of Honor and everyone else’s attention. Announce (and demonstrate) that everyone will be decorating each others bras (while they are still being worn) throughout the evening. Explain the bras will all be auctioned off at the end of the night. *Be sure to discuss this with the venue’s management in advance. Ask if they have a sound system and microphone that you can use to auction them.

The More the Merrier

The more people who see your party goers participating and having fun, the more people will want to get into the action. Have the braver members of your party walk around the club/bar/lounge inviting people to help decorate.

Don’t forget to make sure everyone in the bar knows the hostess is a bride-to-be and that they will all be a part of making her last night as a single woman a memorable one.

How to Theme Your Bridal Shower

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