SM Lanang Premier Celebrates Earth Hour 2013

As far as I have documented our family’s support towards this advocacy, we have been joining Earth Hour since 2008. Below are the links to some of my Earth Hour posts. Sadly, as opposed to the years that passed, Philippines did not participate as much. It is a good thing that for this year I was in the company of people who chose not just to be mere spectators but advocates for the cause of Earth Hour.  Thank you, SM Lanang Premier for taking part in Earth Hour 2013! 

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SM Lanang Premier opens the celebration of Earth Hour 2013 with the duet rendition of The Prayer.

Apparently, it was not just SM Lanang Premier that celebrated Earth Hour 2013 but the rest of SM Supermalls, countrywide. In Mindanao alone, all 4 SM malls, including SM City Cagayan de Oro, SM City General Santos, SM City Davao and SM Lanang Premier, switched off a significant percentage of their power to take on with the rest of the world, the call to save the planet. With the existent power outages Mindanao has been experiencing lately, the Earth Hour celebration allowed for the people to be more aware of the impact of the general energy consumption, to lower our share of carbon footprint and even take those steps of very doable habits of switching off unnecessary energy within our own homes when possible. Those little things can go a long way.

Who should best host the Earth Hour but Ms. Earth 2005 herself, who also happens to be a local of the South.

Pledge for Planet Earth

Together with the executives of SM Lanang Premier, we made our pledge for Mother Earth. A pledge that empowers the people to take part in taking care of our planet in the long haul.

The Fire Dancers entertained the crowd as the lights were turned off.  

I look forward to the report of Department of Energy for this year’s Earth Hour, like the one I have posted in 2009:

An excerpt from Department of Energy of Earth Hour 2008:
Last year, Earth Hour realized savings of 56 MWH of electric power in Luzon and 16 MWH in Metro Manila, equivalent to the output of a small coal-fired power plant. An estimated one million Filipinos were involved. Over 400 establishments participated by turning off their signs and non-essential lights. In Manila, Roxas Boulevard became the focal point of the celebration since it cuts across the cities of Manila, Pasay, and Paranaque, but Quezon City, Makati, and Mandaluyong also joined in the energy efficiency-promoting activity.

with blogger friends, and 🙂

Thank you, SM Supermalls, for using your influence to challenge our countrymen to protect the planet beyond Earth Hour! 🙂

SM Lanang Premier Celebrates Earth Hour 2013

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