Plan The Perfect Stag Night

Planning a good stag night isn’t as easy as it sounds. The idea is for your friend to have a memorable night before settling down, so first of all it’s important to remember to choose activities and destinations that they would have chosen for themselves.

The Guest List

First of all, decide who you’re inviting to the event and run it past the groom so that no one is accidentally left out. Knowing who is coming is the starting point for your planning, as you’ll need to choose activities that everyone can join in with at a location everyone can get to, for a price that everyone can afford. Send out invitations in plenty of time, and warn people in advance if the stag night involves travel or expensive ticket prices.

Booking accommodation

When booking hotels or group activities, remember to state that you’re booking is for a stag party, as some venues may have special offers you can take advantage of or restrictions you need to be aware of. Check the price before you mention that it’s a stag party however, as some places will charge a premium you could otherwise avoid.


If you’re organising a stag night, chances are you already know the groom pretty well and have an idea of what he does and doesn’t like. Once you have an idea of what scale to go for, the possibilities are endless. If you’re planning a weekend away in another city, one way to work out what’s available in that area is to get quotes from a stag party planner, as they will know what’s available and may be able to get discounts on certain activities. Always check the price with the venue before booking through a third party, or you might end up paying more.

Whether you’re planning an adventure packed weekend or a night out on the town, have a definite plan of action and run it by your guests beforehand. If you have scheduled activities booked, make sure you plan in enough travelling time and organise transport, don’t leave anything to chance. If you’re just going out for a night on the town, check to see what’s on at local venues.

Whatever you do, remember that as the party organiser it’s your job to make sure everyone has an enjoyable, memorable evening.

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Plan The Perfect Stag Night

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