Movie Night with My Boys: Wreck-it Ralph (Movie Review)

Two nights ago, my boys and I finally got to watch Wreck-it Ralph. Our son has been on me for more than a week then, babbling about digital people going through electric wire and consoles and I cannot seem to put them all together. He watched the movie  with his Tita and Ninong previously and he has not stopped talking about it since.

Jed stopped at nothing, the chatterbox that little guy is, practically followed me wherever I went, with his story. So I thought I’d sit him down and just try to figure out the movie from his point of view. I took this video while I was at it. The recording was actually really more for me than anything. Helped me to stay put, actually listen and give him my full attention. Prior to that, I found myself just saying empty affirmative words like, “Uh huh, “okay,” “and then…,” without much attention to what he was actually saying.  We had this recorded a week before we actually watched Wreck-it Ralph.

The little guy corrected himself while we were watching the other night that “Vanellope” von Schweetz should actually be pronounced as you would, “Penelope.” We got busy with our regular grind after the next recorded video, we forgot where we left off.

Jeff and I enjoyed watching Wreck-it Ralph with Jed. It was creative of Disney to have ushered us to a world of “what might be” if the characters behind the game consoles are actually alive. We were totally brought to another world where we felt for the villains who are only but “programmed” to be the way they are. The pace of the movie was perfect. We were presented with what Ralph was after right from the start and that is him being tired of all the badness of being a villain and wanting to belong.

Ralph’s quest to get hold of that elusive medal brought him to Sugar Rush game where he met Vanellope von Schweetz a.k.a. the “glitch,” who happened to be in the same predicament. I can say that I was thoroughly entertained by this cartoon movie, Wreck-it Ralph. But I wish they had the portion where one of the villains from the therapy session ripped out a zombie’s heart. I was shocked to have seen that for a cartoon meant for kids to watch. Yes, even if it were a zombie cartoon character it was ripped out of. I had to check how the little guy took it. He was okay. But I am just not very comfortable when cartoons are injected with such graphic content. When kids are exposed to such gory acts early in their age, it backfires one way or another.

Wreck-it Ralph was entertaining. The name calling the repeat offender villains, Vanellope and Ralph did, I gather, was a necessary element to reinforce the fact that they are the bad guys. Apparently, it’s the cool way of doing pet names. The movie encourages friendship, self-sacrifice and love, which we can find behind the facade of the people we hardly see right through. If you happen to have to live with one, it tells you to give them a chance. And if you happen to be one of them, it gives you hope to be a better person, to find purpose in your identity.

Wreck-it Ralph Trailer

Movie Title: Wreck-it Ralph
Distributor: Walt Disney
Genre: Cartoon, Animation, Comedy, Kids, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Voices of Main Characters:
John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph
Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix
Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz
Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun
Alan Tudyk as King Candy
Director: Rich Moore

Movie Night with My Boys: Wreck-it Ralph (Movie Review)

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