In Search for the Perfect Bathroom Vanity and Dreaming of a Vacation

With all the updates I have posted the last few months on our current home construction, I’m sure readers will understand it when I say, I am so ready for our next vacation! I honestly feel so tired. When the first contractor we first dealt with bailed out with barely a word, and now with our current contractor who we only saw three times or so throughout the project to date, we are really left to ourselves to keep an eye on the project. Good thing our foreman is reliable and knows his way around.

It is a good thing the foreman can easily replace the contractor, who has, thank goodness provided us with the plan laid out. Good thing, my uncle, who is an electrical engineer, is currently helping us with the electrical plan. Something we do not want to overlook, as we need to make sure that the plan will be carefully laid out and properly installed. Wrong wiring can easily spell fire if things are not done right, and according to code.

These home construction project activities can be very stressful. Sure, I love shopping for pretty accents, home items and fixtures for our home. Like the above bathroom vanity I’m so loving, for instance. But I know we are looking forward to our summer vacation with $800 worth of accommodation in a world class resort for 3 days and 4 nights. No, it is not yet a san francisco airport shuttle kind of vacation for us, but it would have been sweet if that were so. Maybe in the coming year. Even as our Aunt, who is flying back to the states and taking the sfo shuttle on the way home said, “who knows you just might be able to visit America next year.” Sure we do not see it happening anytime soon, but we might just be able to visit the site my mom came home raving about on her North America sojourn a few years ago.

We won’t be travelling internationally this time, so there will be no sfo airport shuttle to vacation until our 12th wedding anniversary at the end of this year, but the local trip coinciding with our son’s birthday this summer is the one thing our family is so looking forward to. We all can use some recharging, really. And that prize vacay cannot be more handy. We really thank God for His faithfulness. Only He knows just when we would need this, and this world class accommodation cannot be more timely.

In Search for the Perfect Bathroom Vanity and Dreaming of a Vacation

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