Roof Insulation and House Construction Progress

Over the weekend, a highschool friend who is now a contractor inboxed me to recommend an insulation installed in between our ceiling and corrugated roof. While my first thought was that it was not included in our budget, we got reminded of the sauna-like heat we have had to endure during summer months at the homestead. And when I say sauna-like, I am NOT exaggerating.

Week 5

I am a work from home mom. Inasmuch as I would love to turn the airconditioner on full blast, during times like that, it just is not so practical. Just one of those setbacks for working from home. How come again other countries can afford to do that without worrying about high electricity bills? Anyhoo, because the house construction is currently at the phase of getting the ceiling and roof fixed together, we had to decide quick. A few phone calls and I was able to canvass the prices of roof insulations, which are available in Aluminum and Metallic, single sided or double.

Week 6

You can probably guess where we went first day of the week. We went insulation material and flush doors (for the second floor T&B) shopping! Not my kind of home shopping but we have got to do anyway. Putting it off will delay everything else in the house construction.

image from bwg enterprises

All this home item canvassing and shopping is making me learn a bunch of new things all at the same time. It can be fun! But it also requires some discipline to resist on acquiring things that are not part of the plan. After settling on purchasing the water closet and lavatory package, we went right ahead and picked out the insulation material that we need.

I am sure there are a handful more reasons why people should consider roof/ceiling insulation in their houses. But here are the 2 main reasons why we are installing one:

1. It helps with the humidity as it drops the temperature from 5 to 10 degrees during summer.

2. Energy saving. Since the heat will not be so bad, we will not be using airconditioning as often.

Today’s innovations are really impressive. Did you know that insulation paints are now available commercially? Now, I am not so sure how that delivers but it can be a good alternative. Because apparently, the downside of having insulations installed in between roofs and ceilings is that when the time comes that there’s a hole that needs to be fixed in the roof, it might be extra challenging for it to be located. But if you have experienced summer in Manila (which is not so far behind), that is a small price to pay for a more comfortable home brought by this insulation contraption.

Roof Insulation and House Construction Progress

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