Construction Progress and Interior Design Ideas

A busy mommy bee — that’s me! Amidst the regular homeschooling, the online tasks and countless stuff at home I have got to get my hands on a regular basis – a welcome addition to my task lately is look into home designs. The progress of the house construction is fast and we have got to decide on the color scheme of each room. Since my black and white modern bathroom will be knocked down and be transformed into a simpler, basic toilet and bath, we have that to decide on plus the theme of the upstairs bath where my tub is going and all the other upstairs room. Spell stress.

An interior designer would have been a great help. But because we have very limited budget, we are settling for this DIY kind of thing. Unless of course an interior designer will do an ex-deal with us. 😛

It’s crazy to be in these shoes, but then again, who’s complaining! I get to spend time with my kid while I juggle all these and then some. Truth be told, there is always some kind of pride when things like this get done with zero to little help from professionals. It’s just that, something like this we will have to put up with for the long haul. Meaning, a room for mistakes is tiny to nothing.

To date, the construction has gone from this…

First Week of Construction

To this…

Third Week

Fourth Week

We are now towards the end of the fifth week and we are soon to decide on the color schemes, the ceiling design, the walk-in closet layout and every other detail! Boy, am I excited (and nervous) at the same time!

Aside from me lingering for hours on end on the Houzz website, I have also been looking into the links the hubby gave me.


The hubby and I are kind of shooting for this kind of color scheme for our family room. A good contrast of colors for the wall, floor and ceiling.

A playful splash of these colors can be fun too! I’m not sure where the hubby got this image. If you happen to own this, please shoot us an email and will properly credit your site.


We definitely want our windows and doors outlined with a color contrasting (or complementing) the wall’s hue! Takes away the bore from the whole picture.

What’s really so nice about all these home decorating stuff is that we can actually do this ourselves. We just have to decide on how we want each room to look and communicate this with our contractor in time for buying all the stuff that are needed.  I am blessed enough that the hubby has such creative mind – his genius was the one who did the layout of the house we have been enjoying theis past 6 years. All 48sqm of it and he was able to quite maximize it enough that as tiny as it is, my bathtub was incorporated right in without it looking so cramped as what a regular 48sqm. home would.

Ever since the construction started, our prayer has always been for for it to be hassle free through and through. For the workers to team up in harmony and work fast while they are at it. There are a few things we would have wanted changed. But for the most part, we are happy with how things are looking. God has been gracious and I am thankful enough that my father is so hands on that he spends quite a bit every day up in the roof to check out the progress.

An addition to our son’s prayer before meals, “I pray that the house will be built soon, Lord.”

True enough, after four weeks, the four walls, firewall included are now standing tall and are currently getting some plastering (palitada in our vernacular) done on them. God answers prayers. His grace is sufficient every.single.time.

Construction Progress and Interior Design Ideas

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