Wondering who the father might be? Paternity testing may provide the answer

If this question has lingered in your head for a while, tumbling to and fro and creating unneeded stress and anxiety, then it might be about time you opted for a paternity test. It might be a bit hard to get your head around a DNA test at first. It might seem like a complicated and tedious task. However, this is really not the case. Of course, things are easier if the alleged father is willing to be tested and has agreed to the test. If you are thinking of doing the test discretely things will be a bit different.

Procedure and basic information

Finding a paternity testing company won’t take you too long, especially given that you can purchase a paternity test online just like purchasing a book. Online paternity testing companies often (but not always) have a sound reputation and you can feel pretty confident that all will go well.

Once you have found the company you want to do your test, you can order the test. You will receive a DNA testing kit a few days later which will enable you to collect the DNA samples. DNA samples are collected by using orals swabs which you find inside your kit. You will need to swab the alleged father and the child and ideally the mother’s sample should be included as well. Besides the swabs, all DNA tests require some basic paper work to be filled out by the people taking part in the test. These forms are then returned with the samples. How long you wait for your results depends very much on who is doing your DNA test. All in all, the turnaround time from one company to the other will not vary much. Your results will be sent to you by email – this is the standard method with DNA testing companies as it is quicker and more time effective. Of course, you can request a printed copy by post if you wish.

What if I want to do the test secretly?

So you basically want to do the test without any of the alleged fathers or father knowing? Well there are actually ways and means to carry out a paternity test in the most discrete manner possible. You can collect a small sample such as a few cigarette butts or finger nail clippings, even a used Kleenex is a great sample to use. Then you of course need to provide the DNA sample for the child. Where possible try to collect samples by using oral swabs but if this proves difficult if not impossible, then you can opt for
other samples.

What are results like?

Results are fairly simple to understand. Some companies provide more detailed results than others. You can rest assured that results are always simple to understand as all laboratories cite what is called a “probability of paternity”. This probability indicates clearly whether the tested man is the daddy or not. If he is the dad, this probability if always 99.9%. If he is not the dad this probability is always 0%.

Where can I get my test?

Most DNA testing services are now available online. You can literally find dozens of different companies offering these types of tests. In some states in the USA, there are even mobile paternity testing vans going around towns and cities. People can use these vans to have their samples collected. The most popular way remains online however, as this offering maximum anonymity and twenty-four hour availability. Ensure that when you do choose a DNA test company, their laboratories have the right accreditations. For these tests, the most well known and important are ISO 170 25 and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).

Wondering who the father might be? Paternity testing may provide the answer

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