Book Review: Fire Prophet by Jerel Law

The most recent book I requested from Thomas Nelson was an eBook for Young Adults – Fire Prophet by Jerel Law, with my 7 year old son in mind. While my son is essentially still a child, he has been reading novels for sometime now.

He started off with Novelized cartoon books – Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens, Rango, et. al., which are around give or take 100 pages, some couple of years back .

He later went on to collect the Manga Messiah Series. Now he’s crazy about the Little Pupung series. But before the novels, he buried himself regularly in the volumes of his Science Library Encyclopedia, which he started reading at four years old. There was no stopping him since.

You can buy Fire Prophet by clicking on the above Amazon link

I had our 7 year old son, browse through Fire Prophet as soon as I downloaded it. If at all, it was a challenge for him to part with it for the most part. He was hooked to it from the first sitting. This is interesting especially because Fire Prophet is the second installment of the Son of Angels Series. Spirit Fighter is the first book that I hope to grab a hold of for our son. 

From the stories my little chatterbox would go tell me about Fire Prophet, I believe, it is a good fiction novel that parents could  get for their children. It totally makes Bible truths and Christianity exciting for them as it is well-packed with action and adventure, incorporating in it the supernatural between good and evil. Essentially, a spiritual warfare book for young readers.

Enough intro. I will let the little guy do the talking from here. A simple review from our 7 year old son. 🙂

Fire Prophet by Jerel Law is a nice Christian fictional book. It is about the Quarterlings (one-quarter angels) who entered a hidden realm with many other angel friends. My favorite part of the story is when David, a friend of the Quarterlings, remembered in the book of Judges about the leader of the Canaanite army, when they learned that the driver of cab they were riding was named Sisera.  Then the cab where Jeremiah, Jonah and Eliza were in, turned into a Canaanite chariot and they remembered that Sisera was part of the Bible. He drove them into the East River near Alphabet City. I love reading the adventure that the three Quarterlings encountered both in the physical world and the hidden realm. 

The main characters in the story are:

1. Elohim is the Lord of lords, King of kings, Creator of everything

2. Jonah Stone  has an angel blade and he can enter the hidden realm and that makes him invisible and can’t be heard.

3. Eliza Stone has  the shield of faith. She can also enter the hidden realm and like Jonah, she becomes invisible while she’s in it.

4. Jeremiah Stone – speaks truth to the fallen angels, the belt of truth appears in his hand. Like Jonah and Eliza, he can also enter the hidden realm.

5. Benjamin Stone is the father of the Stone kids (The Three Quarterlings).

6. Eleanor Stone is the mother of the Stone kids.

7. Abaddon is the leader of the fallen angels and they live in Abbadon’s pit.

8. Fallen angels are the servants and followers of Abaddon.

I like the book Fire Prophet a lot. I was able to finish the book in four nights. But if I had a choice, I would have wanted to read it in one sitting. But the only time I am allowed to read it was when I’m done with my homeschool PACES and if I napped in the afternoon.  The Bible says that there is a shield of faith, helmet of Salvation and the belt of Truth and those are also mentioned in the book as the weapons of the Stone kids

I am one thrilled Mama! Seeing our 7 year old homeschooler thoroughly enjoying reading his many books and eBooks, is totally very rewarding. Right after he was done with Fire Prophet, he stopped at nothing until I was able to download an excerpt pdf of its predecessor, Spirit Fighter. He finished both via my iPhone, for the most part. The last few chapters, he used my Android which has a bigger screen. Watch out for more of our son’s future book reviews. 🙂

 Disclosure: I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Book Review: Fire Prophet by Jerel Law

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