Hear Ye! We are Officially Selling Health, Beauty and Wellness Products

Years of being a WAHM brought me to this world I never thought being corporately unemployed, would usher me into. Except for the friendships I made with my former officemates, there is nothing I miss from my everyday bank routine for the last three years. I do appreciate the skills I gained though (signature verification saved me from being fooled by a huge company last year, et.al). When remember this thought, it totally affirms my decision of leaving the corporate world.

Back at the homestead, while people may well see me lounging in my home office with both feet up and typing away through voice commands, I have been, and still am, a handful of different personas. Four of which are permanent designations – wife, mother, homemaker and home educator. The others – virtual assistant, blogger and online marketing specialist are but part-time designations that God has used as avenues to supplement our family’s income.

To add yet to my growing list of part-time designations, I am now officially a seller of health, beauty and wellness products of W1N International Corporation, a reputable company with 20 years of manufacturing experience, with products that have passed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards – wherein we are placed at par with Unilever and just a few companies, BFAD and HALAL approved, which are affordable and competitively priced.

Being a seller can be competitive in more ways than one. But because I am confident in my products, I am using my resources and online influence to get the word out about them. poster printing is something that every seller should consider. I currently have 2 of them hanging outside our gate. With good quality poster printing design and good products to boot, I have nothing to be ashamed of. More ideas here can be an advantage for fellow sellers.

Stay tuned as I blog more about the products that I am very proud to be an exclusive distributor of.

Hear Ye! We are Officially Selling Health, Beauty and Wellness Products

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