A Wedding to Look Forward to

After years of wedding planning/coordinating hiatus, I am back to doing one of the things I love doing. Yes, more than the years I spent working in the bank, it is coordinating weddings I was ever at my best. While, generally speaking, no wedding coordinator  will confess to anticipating a hiccup or two during the wedding event itself, no matter how well prepared  the wedding is and the truth that amongst all events, a wedding can be the most stressful – I just get a different high when everything falls into place and see the couple all set to say I do’s at the altar. Let’s just say, it’s my niche. Another reason why the overall theme of this site has something to do with weddings. 🙂

took a shot at the portion of the invite where my name and the hubby’s names are. 🙂

As much as I would have loved to, I am not permanently going back to doing weddings again. It is going to be a one time thing this time – the upcoming wedding of blogger friends, which the hubby will be officiating. And as opposed to full coordination, it will only be on the day itself, which I appreciate too. Because aside from not having the luxury of time to do this (with my homeschooling duties, online jobs and the house chores that pile by the second), it is a joy to see the couple-to-be-wed, being so hands-on. It can be stressful here and there, sure, but when they go back to all these preparations after the wedding, they will be grateful to have done all those things themselves.

I especially love the couple’s wedding invites which they creatively and lovingly placed in elegant frames. Practical couples like them usually just have their invites printed. But they added a treat for their chosen guests by handing their invites in beautiful frames! Here’s looking forward to a very memorable and meaningful weddings to the soon to be newlyweds! 🙂

A Wedding to Look Forward to

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