Book Review: The Respect Dare by Nina Roesner

“And the wife must respect her husband.” Ephesians 5:33

Best-selling author of For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, Shaunti Feldhahn could not have said it better about The Respect Dare by Nina Roesner:

“Believe it or not, most men need respect so much that, if they had to, they would give up love to get it – and respect empowers them to be the caring man you most need. One of the most important things you can ever do for your man – and thus for yourself – is to read this book. From the first page you are an active participant as you go through daily scripture, self-reflection, prayer journaling, and lots of ‘now I get it!’ examples…”

The Respect Dare 40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband by Nina Roesner 

My husband and I finished the Love Dare Challenge and we highly recommend it to married couples. Together with the movie, Fireproof. While the the movie and the Love Dare book take care of the love part of a marriage, The Respect Dare book zeroes in on unconditionally respecting our husband. Aside from being two different personalities, husband and wife are also wired differently, to put it plainly. And as simple as that sounds, our being total opposites matter greatly in the dynamics of a married relationship. As frustrated as I might have felt at different times in our married life, my husband, as understanding as he is, must have felt the same way or even to a greater degree.

What I love about The Respect Dare is how Nina ushers women to get our eyes off ourselves and focus instead on the single most important relationship in our lives — with God. I see women who are impacted with this book become more confident in their relationship with Christ and not depending their happiness on their husbands.

A handful of things in the book reinforces things that I already know. But as it zeroes in on my husband’s need for respect more than anything else, it takes me to a place of better understanding of him being a man and my choice to meet that need, that I, in my very imperfect being, sometimes withhold from him when lack of respect manifests through actions that I might have  unconsciously been demonstrating through the years that we have been married.

Author Nina Roesner enumerated the rules to employ while one plans to read and learn through her book, The Respect Dare:
1. Take one day at a time.
2. Have no expectations of your spouse’s behavior, or you will experience discouragement and resentment.
3. Measure your progress in terms of spiritual growth.
4. Keep a journal as a companion to your journey through The Respect Dare.
5. Remember that this is a journey.
6. Do the book with a few friends and meet once a week to encourage each other.

For wives, I’d say why not get hold of this book and let it be a heart’s day gift for your husbands. An unconventional gift, for sure, since this is something you are not literally handing over. But does not mean it won’t be the best you will ever give.  🙂

Suffice it to say, I am adding this to my growing list of favorite books on marriage. Thank you Nina Roesner and Thomas Nelson Publishing for The Respect Dare eBook!

Disclosure: I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Book Review: The Respect Dare by Nina Roesner

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