Unplanned “Spring Cleaning” and House Construction

The holidays came and went and it did a wee bit faster than I hoped. Although that sounded a lot like a complaint, it really is not. We are very grateful that we will be able to finally have our house extend to another floor. We have prayed for this ever since the Ondoy devastation.  Because we were up to our necks with tasks, I was surprised to find out that holidays were officially over.

Although we were originally shooting for three floors, our hearts overflow with thanksgiving to finally have the second floor built. Check out the balcony and the walk-in closet on the floor plan. Yes, I am one thrilled girl! Plus, after all the traumatic flooding of Ondoy and yet another flooding scare last year due to habagat, this will be our shelter during stormy seasons.

our emptied house.

We have transferred houses at least five times during our first five years of marriage. That, in a way, should make us expert house movers — NOT! It really is something that I can never get used to. Way too tiring! Now what makes the thought of doing it all over again after the house construction more tolerable is the excitement of a bigger place. I can totally relate to my son’s giddy excitement over our upcoming abode extension. 🙂

the walls of this washroom will be knocked down in coming days to make way for the stairs going up.

As I went through our clutter things, I unearthed several items that I kept that were no longer of use. Like the resmed cpap supplies our son used when he was five months old and his pedia thought that he had some kind of allergy. It was a very stressful time for us then. With all the projectile vomitting of our baby, sleepless nights and all the crazy adjustments of newbie parents.

The unplanned “spring cleaning” was inevitable as we packed our stuff to have transferred to our temporary home for the next three months. We are hopeful that the weather will be friendlier to make it easier for the workers to finish the construction the least possible time.

We are thankful for my parents who are gifting our family generously with this. Just because the house that they have given and named after my sister was a bigger one, they found it was just right to extend our house so we will have equal inheritance and my sister does not have to pay me the difference of the value of her house against mine.

I pray that God will bless my parents with long and healthy life, so we will be given more time to enjoy and express our love and gratitude to them. 😀

Unplanned “Spring Cleaning” and House Construction

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