A Visit to Unilab’s Amherst Laboratories

Another advantage of homeschooling and working from home is that not only can we travel and do homeschooling at the same time, even the home educator (that’s me!) gets to do field trips, from time to time, as well. 🙂 One particular place I recently went to, I especially appreciate. My family and I have been taking supplements and medicines manufactured by Unilab. So when I got an invite to visit Unilab’s Amherst Laboratories in Mamplasan, Laguna, I knew I just had to go.

Above is a panoramic shot I took of Amhert Laboratories lobby.

Before we headed over the Amherst Laboratory tour proper, we sat and listened to a short presentation of the background and history of Unilab.

Amherst Hallway

Our next stop was the Solids Plant.

But before we were allowed in, we had to subject ourselves to their usual procedure of gowning and wearing of shoe covers. We also had to thoroughly wash and dry our hands.

With fellow mommy bloggers all properly gowned and wearing shoe covers. We were with Sir Vic Rodrigo who toured us around the Solids Plant.

As far as I remember from what Sir Vic shared, Solids Processing involve:

  • batching of raw materials
  • granulation, ready for tableting
  • granulation to compression

Checking to make sure tablets have no cracks.

Quality assurance for all products are checked every step of the way. Every hallway, room is color coded as well.

  • Green – Controlled
  • Blue – Uncontrolled
  • Yellow – Air lock
  • Red – Exit

From Packaging of Foils to Packing to Boxes

When we were at the Solids Packaging section, we were toured around Ms. Supangco and were shown the four formats of packaging, which includes: Flex, the one used for medicines like Dolfenal. It uses the CRB machine. Another format is the Blister pack. Then the Sachet and Bottles.

A shot with some of the mommies and Rachelle of Unilab at the lobby of Amherst laboratories. 🙂

another shot with the mommy bloggers I toured Amherst laboratories with. 🙂

I will have this post updated with photos and details of our tour around the Liquids Processing Lab. I still have yet to process the gazillion of photos I took of the work centers and all those monster machines. I saw where Ceelin was made! I just had to tell that to my son when I got home from that trip. The photos I came home with made for a lengthy discussion. I love that after our family’s trust in Unilab products for years, it was refreshing to know how the brand has been keeping its quality for its consumers.


A Visit to Unilab’s Amherst Laboratories

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