Thank You and See You Again, Plantation Bay!

When my boys and I left Plantation Bay the day after my husband’s birthday last September, we prayed that we will be able to come back next year and spend a day or two again at our newest favorite local destination.  We did not have to wait a couple of months and we were granted our heart’s desires! And we are staying there 4 Days, 3 Nights! The Lord indeed has his way of redeeming his children. 🙂

After the heartaches and disappointments we had to go through with this giant of a money transfer facility (Western Union) and us losing nights of sleep and some people telling us to suck it in and live with it, the Lord answered our prayers as we waited on Him. First, Google finally refunded after 4 grueling months and had the money resent. Which is a miracle in itself. Who am I to a giant like Google to pay  attention to. That amount of money is nothing to their billions of dollars. Reminded me all over again of David and Goliath.

Sister Ceria, one of the mothers in our church in Makati, who have been my prayer partner for so many years now, reiterated of the need for pastors and their families to be covered in prayers by their congregation. Satan is no doubt zeroing in on the leaders of the church. With this statement, I solicit your prayers our way and for the leaders and their families.

Never heard from Western Union since. But our correspondence are all filed and recorded from my end. I trust that God will make them accountable for what they did. Hopefully, they have learned a lesson from what happened to me and have devised a system that will stop this fraud once and for all.

Although this post is supposed to sound like a celebration, I just had to let that one out even as it reinforces our gratitude for this winning after months of being in a rut, as they say. Thank you, Plantation Bay for coming up with this contest and for being a channel of blessing to our family! The little guy has been in a celebratory mode and is ready to have his 8th birthday in Plantation Bay!

The last time we were at Plantation Bay we stayed at the Poolside Room for 2 nights and the next time we are going we are actually having an upgrade — Lagoon Side Room for 3 nights! Can God’s favor be any sweeter?  See you again, Plantation Bay! 😀

Thank You and See You Again, Plantation Bay!

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