Set for the Holidays!

I shared the above photo of capiz shell ball lamps via Instagram  (follow Me: @jenaspacio) yesterday. They are over two years old and the wires have become crisp and no bulb in it was still functioning. My trusty handyman of a hubby got everything good as new. Rewired them with better electric wires and replaced the bulbs. I did the easiest part of the job – getting them cleaned and polished. First time to get them cleaned after two years! You don’t get those outdoor lights maintained so easily – my excuse. 🙂

Our 2 year old capiz shell outdoor lamps when lit at night – lovely as new!  😀 

Now, even as we still have a long way to go in prepping for Christmas, these outdoor lamps are a great start! Thanks to my very able and reliable husband who knows his way around the house. He also replaced our dead year old doorbell that day! With these projects he got checked out of his list, there is one very delighted lady right here. Thank you, love! 😉

Festive White Snowflake Path Christmas Markers

Our next project is to install these Festive White Snowflake Path Markers in our frontage. You’ve got to love those lovely lights.  With our neighborhood lamps in the village turned off for weeks now, this addition will serve as our street light. Happy Christmas in advance, folks! 😀

Set for the Holidays!

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