Nido Fortified Introduces Nido Forti-Choco and Forti-Melon

Last Monday, my boys and I went to Kids Universe in Mall of Asia to witness the launch of Nido Fortified’s Forti-Choco and Forti-Melon. It was a good thing it fell on our family day. My son was pretty excited as he was looking forward to going back to check out the new exhibits in Nido Science Discovery Center. 🙂

The launch was hosted by Suzi Entrata-Abrera.

Suzi with Nido Fortified Resident Nutritionist Babylyn Cayabyab

Babylyn Cayabyab, the resident nutritionist of Nido Fortified explained about Milk Fatigue and its being a common phase in a child as he grows up. My son has been using Nido Fortified since he turned two. He is now 7 and we have not switched to try another brand so far. It is the most convenient for us too, since it is what we also use for our own consumption. I’m not even sure if other people do it, but I also use it in some milk based dishes that I cook. Hubby loves it with his coffee  🙂

And speaking of recipes, I blogged about some Nido Forti-Melon recipes,  which were generously shared with us during the launch by the Nido Fortified team. 🙂

“NIDO FORTIFIED has always strived to be the parents’ partner in raising healthy and happy children, and part of that mission is adapting to the changing needs and preferences of our consumers,” said Nido Fortified Brand Manager Ting Mercado. Now, that is something we really appreciate. As they added varieties to their product, they are actually helping us economize. At least for a family like ours that includes a bottle or two of those chilled Melon Milk in our weekly grocery shopping. And as opposed to those chilled Melon Milk bottles that we need to consume in 5 days upon opening, Nido Forti-Melon has longer shelf life. Yay! 🙂

The launch was also made fun by having the guests join in an interactive game. In the above photo, I was guiding my son as he decoded the puzzle using this cool glass.

My son got to visit Science Discovery Center again after the launch. Above are two of the many photos we took. 🙂

Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon

My son loves both flavors! Now I’m sure what items we’re adding to our regular grocery list. Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon are now available in supermarkets nationwide. 🙂

Nido Fortified Introduces Nido Forti-Choco and Forti-Melon

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