Our Home Project

After years of praying that we would be able to add another floor to our house, we are finally seeing this happening in the very near future. We actually started praying for this right after we were devastated by Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) in 2009. While people might think that it would be wiser to sell our property and buy another place, we also cannot deny the fact that even the Monsoon rains that happened just a couple of months back brought flooding to 90% of Luzon. So unless we  decide to move to another region or flee to another land, we will have to make do with our current place.

Our Architech Clarissa Tubeo has been diligently working on our floor plan. Revisions have been done and we are soon to work on the permit for the construction to take place. This is the one factor that is keeping us apprehensive about leaving for a winter anniversary celebration this coming December. It will be hard to enjoy an anniversary getaway when our minds are left back home and on the ongoing construction. That said, we are really not at peace to leave.

And because we are one thrilled bunch, we are currently looking into home designs and improvements for our future second floor. While budget is definitely a consideration, it is not bad to dream and look into interior designs, including practical additions like that of a wireless doorbell intercom that will connect the people around the house. Yes, there are not a lot of us in the house, but seeing that affordable intercom systems are available in this favorite home improvement and hardware shop we are looking into, then we might just Shop now while discounts are offered. Yes, aside from being excited, we are also very practical.

Here is where we start documenting our home project. Another testament of God’s faithfulness in our lives. 🙂

Our Home Project
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