Jed’s 7th Birthday Cake by Project Happiness Bakehouse

I’m finally taking care of the drafts that I have sitting in my dashboard for quite a while – starting with Jed’s 7th birthday cake by Project Happiness. I might as well blog about this while our son is still seven. Haha! The baker behind the cake is non other than Iris Pulga of, the oldest blogsphere acquaintance I have that transitioned to this beautiful friendship, together with the rest of the Grasyas, Iris Acosta of and Mauie of I love these girls!

 Because this is a post about Jed’s 7th birthday cake by Project Happiness, whose baker is Iris Pulga, I am going to kinda zero in on her. I super duper vouch for her cakes, not just because we found each other online in 2004 and became friends after a few years, nor is it about the creative partner that she found her hubby, Marcelle, that they come up with their  rocking cakes. What are you to do with pretty cakes without the yum, right? Her cakes are just super delish! I still have to find a better tasting cake that has just the right moisture and perfect, not overly sweet taste. Our family and I found that out when I ordered from her for my 9th anniversary surprise for the hubby a couple of years back.



I wish I was able to take decent photos of the pretty cupcakes. I can only find one (above photo).  Feel free to browse through their Facebook page for more cake photos. For your cake and party favor needs, we vouch for and highly recommend Project Happiness Bakehouse. 🙂

PH Bakehouse
Facebook Page:
Mobile: 0943 323 7726

Jed’s 7th Birthday Cake by Project Happiness Bakehouse

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