Traveling and Homeschooling

When our family put our feet down on homeschooling and officially started in June 2009, traveling was not exactly something big that we had in mind. We committed to homeschooling basically because Jeff and I knew in our hearts, even as we have considerably prayed for it for quite sometime and were convinced that it was what God has led us to do. Our commitment to homeschooling will remain for what it is.

La Virginia Resort with Linga and Acosta family, February 2011

Hongkong, Dec 2011

Then traveling happened, which we love. We thank God every single time we fly and visit another place. They kind of serve as our field trips. 🙂 A chance to have a look-see at other cultures and appreciate the diversity of humanity while we get to embrace God’s awesome creations.

Vietnam and Cambodia, March-April 2012

 Three years since we started homeschooling, we continue to reap one of the many benefits of homeschooling. Including being able to travel even during off-peak season, when families whose kids go to regular school, can hardly do. Because we do not have a rigid school schedule to work around and we can actually bring our school with us whenever, we can book  without our son’s school activities having to get in the way. We really cannot blame our homeschooler why he would rather not hear of it whenever there is a mention of us considering to send him to regular school

Back at our homeschooling stead, Jed has officially kicked off with the Level 4 curriculum of School of Tomorrow today. That sounds a wee bit confusing. Haha! Let me rephrase that — Today, Jed has officially  kicked off with the Level 4 curriculum of School of Tomorrow. Yay! His lessons look a lot more complex (as we should expect) than the previous levels. But we are nevertheless thrilled to level up another notch. Here’s to homeschooling and loving everything about it! 🙂

Traveling and Homeschooling

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