And the Fairy Hobmother came to visit

After having heard from bloggers across the world, mostly mommies like me,  about this Fairy Hobmother coming to visit and sprinkling some fairy dust over their blogs, I cannot help but be curious. I have long stopped believing fairies exist. But the Fairy Hobmother’s purpose is more than just to spread golden dust all over the blogosphere. The hobmother encourages us to just keep on blogging and who knows my 8 year old automatic washer might just get replaced with a spanking Bosch free standing washing machine, just maybe. A mommy can hope.  Because nothing beats a reliable fully automatic washer to a home educator and work from home mom like me. 🙂

And if you want a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, make sure to comment on this post with your link. Who knows you just might get a visit soon! You can also follow Fairy Hobmother on Twitter.

And the Fairy Hobmother came to visit

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