I love the New Familia Cleaning System!

As most of my dear readers know, I have been practically helper-free for most of our married years. My most recent helper left nearly five months ago. She was with us for almost two years.  As someone who works from home doing virtual assistant and online jobs, homeschooling and practically the sole person to manage the household chores, you can only imagine the amount of juggling I had to deal with all these years.

The challenges of working from home are enormous. Let alone if that work from home mom does not have a helper to take care of the chores. It can easily be a nightmare for someone who has not devised a system just yet. But it is a doable challenge, like it had been for me.

When I was invited for the presscon of I love my Familia, I thought they were just launching a new line of storage solutions, like what I have known the brand for.  I, together with mommy blogger friends, were introduced to The New Family Cleaning System, namely: iMop, iSweep, iMop, iRovac and iRovac Plus.

Whoever were the geniuses behind these  New Familia Cleaning System should be awarded for making lives easier for moms within my league. You guys just don’t know how much easier you just made life for us. I recently just found this out. We have been using the iSweep for close to a week now and I honestly don’t have a clue how I have managed all these years without one. Imagine not having to drag with me a dustpan every time I sweep. What’s sweeter is that I also get to vacuum while I’m at it.  And speaking of my vacuum cleaner, I hardly used it because of all the contraptions that it comes with that I have to connect, assemble every single time. Now it only gets used for cleaning the car’s interior. It’s just way too inconvenient!

If there was someone who was more excited to unbox, it was my little guy. When my son first saw the iSweep and iMop boxes on our living area couch, he read the features and stopped at nothing to have us open and use it. He’s very persistent like that. There really was no use to delay, since assembly was a breeze. We just had to connect the rods and plug in the battery and voila! It’s good to go! I love that it’s super lightweight too!

The iSweep also came with a battery charger and the brush cleaning tool (picture above).

Just to show you how efficient the iSweep is, here’s a photo of the dirt it collected in our living area alone. We only “iSwept” the room for around a minute. I opened the iSweep bin and boy was I delightfully surprised! If it can collect so much dirt in such a short time, I only imagined how life was going to be be easier from then on out!  I was literally done with my house cleaning in less than half the time! I honestly can’t imagine living without it now.

My Jed iSweeps 🙂

This boy insists on trying. The iSweep is so lightweight even a child can use it without worries. It’s cordless! I so love it! If there is anything I don’t like about vacuum cleaners – it is the cords.

My homeschooler is full of surprises. The other day, he went to the neighbor (which is my folks’ place) and told me that he is just going to show Lolo and Lola this cool cleaning contraption. He came back around 10 minutes later and was asking for me to open the screen door for him because his hands were full.  I did not quite understand because I was busy working on the computer. So I just let him in. Then he came telling me about his very clever idea. “It is so fun, Mama! I am the manager and the employer of my own cleaning services. Mama, can you post it on Facebook – Jed’s Cleaning Services?”  I could not quite add it up and then he told me that Lola paid her P20 after he iSwept their house.  He asked for P10 tip right after. I have an entrepreneur for a  7 year old boy!  Haha!

Aside from iSweep, the New Familia Cleaning System has four more: iMop, iPolish, iRovac and iRovac Plus

If I am already all giddy and satisfied with the iSweep, can you imagine how I’d be with an iRovac Plus? This iRovac Plus genius can be scheduled to clean the house. It has this sensor that prevents it from falling or hitting a wall. What’s more it goes to its charging dock by its self! This robot is the bomb, I tell you. It is affordable enough at around P10,000.   The iSweep and the iPolish retail for P2,000. Both are selling at the introductory price of P999 each. I’d go grab one, if I were you. You can thank me later. 🙂

I love the New Familia Cleaning System!

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